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Happy New Year from Metro Rod Drain Experts, Liverpool!

3rd January 2019

Happy New Year from Metro Rod Drain Experts, Liverpool!

Metro Rod in Liverpool want to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers old and new (past, present and future!) a Happy New Year!

Metro Rod Liverpool are proud of the service that we have provided to our customers in 2018 and guarantee to continue our great service into 2019 - in fact it is one of our New Year Resolutions!  Believe it or not approximately 1 in 5 of us go into a New Year making resolutions (but usually have broken them by 10th January!).


According to the BBC a lot of people's resolutions are concerned with money and their work situation and Metro Rod could actually help with this!


How can spending money on employing a Drainage Contractor save me money!?


Well...sometimes looking at preventative maintenance can be beneficial - it can mean the likelihood of getting blocked drains, slow draining facilities, bad smells and overflows is minimised.  Many of our customers, from local schools, universities, government buildings, shopping centres, hotels and so on employ Metro Rod to carry out pre-planned maintenance on their drains.  This means that any leaves, mud/sludge or anything else that may enter the drainage system, be it accidentally or via misuse, can be removed before it becomes a major, disruptive problem to site.  These pre-planned maintenance programmes are agreed with site, they discuss with us what works they would like us to carry out beforehand and then discuss the cost, giving site control over what they want to spend.


As an example, a local site to us in Liverpool wanted to us carry out jetting of their drains every 6 months, to prevent the build up of uric scale in their pipes.  On our visits we use a CCTV camera for a quick 'look see' to ensure that lines are fully cleaned/cleared.  On one occasion we noticed that internal pipework had started to crack and become displaced and we were able to recommend to site that we fixed this for them (which we did!) but if we had not carried out this pre-planned maintenance this would not have been seen and the pipe could have broken while the venue was open and operational, causing major disruption for them.


What other resolutions can I make to save me money!?


Specifically to your toilet you could resolve to only put appropriate materials down them, namely the 3 P's;

  • Pee
  • Poo (p)
  • (Toilet) paper


A lot of the problems that we attend to in relation to blocked toilets are due to items being flushed down the loo that shouldn't be.  Items that we have found have included underwear, pyjamas, toilet roll holders, cuddly toys and food and vegetable items but by far the biggest problems that we encounter are so called "flushable wipes".  Again, according to the BBC at the end of 2018 none of the flushable wet wipes that had been tested were found to fully break down in water - yes they flush but once they have passed the u-bend they don't breakdown and lead to blockages.  if we all resolved to only flush the above '3 Ps' then a lot of money would be saved nationally on toilet blockages.


According to More Th>n 6% of us pour oils down our sinks every day - it doesn't sound much but nationwide this is enough to fill 7 Olympic sized Swimming Pools - shocking!  Pouring fats down the sink can cause blockages for yourself but also add to the problematic fatbergs that we are currently experiencing in the UK.  Please always resolve to dispose of fat in another way, either by letting it cool and binning it or if your council collect used fats to convert into fuels then give it to them.


What are Metro Rod's Resolutions?


As we did in 2018, 2017, 2016 and every year since 1983 when we were founded, Metro Rod resolve to provide our customers with 'a safe, professional and honest service - day and night'.  This means that we will attend to any drainage emergencies as soon as possible, usually within just two hours of the initial call for help!  We will always send fully trained and vetted engineers - indeed all of our engineers hold enhanced DBS checks and have full training on every discipline that we expect them to work in.  Our engineers are fully uniformed, our vans are fully liveried and kitted out to solve most drainage problems first time.  We operate genuinely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all calls to our number (0151 909 2807) are answered directly by an on call manager who can start to diagnose any drainage problems immediately.


If you need to speak with us here at Metro Rod Liverpool in regards to any drainage problems you can contact us by

Going to our website - www.metrorod.co.uk/local/Liverpool

Calling us on 0151 909 2807

Emailing us on [email protected]

Going to our Facebook or Twitter Pages

Connecting with Jenny, our Business Development Manager on LinkedIn

If you need us, just get in touch!

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