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18th September 2020


If you have a blocked drain you’ll want it back to normal as quickly as possible, so here are some convenient home remedies to unblock drains that you can try yourself. 

Drain Cleaner

Whether it’s a slow draining sink, shower, bath or dishwasher it can really put a stop to your day as you wonder how to go about fixing it. Well, wonder no more with these home remedies from Metro Rod Cumbria, they all require a few common household goods that will get your drains flowing again. 

#1 Boiling Water 

Boiling water is a nice and easy one if you suspect you have a build up of solidified fat, oil and grease in your pipes. The hot water will help soften the mass which can then be washed through the drain. It’s important to pour the water slowly and in stages so it has time to work and then drain away.

#2 A Wire Coat Hanger 

If you have a normal wire coat hanger, you can straighten it out and fashion a hook which can then be used to fish out the gunk that is blocking your sink or drain. You have to be careful when trying this and make sure you aren’t just pushing the blockage further down your drains. When you think you have got as much out from the drain as you can, run the water and hopefully it should be draining better than before. 

#3 Salt and Baking Soda

Mix 1/2 cup of salt with 1/2 cup of baking soda and pour it down the sink or drain that is blocked and leave it for about 20 minutes. Then pour boiling water down and the reaction between the salt, baking soda and hot water should dissolve the blockage. 

If none of these home remedies work for you, or you find the blockage is reoccurring, do not worry as Metro Rod are the experts you need to help unblock drains. With our high-pressure water jetting and electro-mechanical cleaning we can effectively remove the whole blockage ensuring you’re drains are back to top condition. While these home remedies can be useful and will remove some of the blockage, they are not entirely effect, often leaving part of the obstruction behind, meaning you are more likely to see a repeat blocked drain in the future. 


Metro Rod Cumbria offer services from dealing with blocked drains, drain repair, CCTV surveys and septic tank maintenance. We believe in simple things and make sure we follow them through; available 24/7, professional, value for money service during and after the job and peace of mind in the fact that all our engineers are highly trained, DBS checked and fully insured.

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