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Jenny’s Drainage Disaster | Metro Rod Liverpool, Warrington, Runcorn & Widnes

21st October 2019

Jenny’s Drainage Disaster | Metro Rod Liverpool, Warrington, Runcorn & Widnes

A confession – my sink smells!


Hi, it’s Jenny here, Business Development Manager of Metro Rod Merseyside (Liverpool) and I have a confession – at the weekend I had a drainage disaster! Well, looking back it wasn’t really disastrous, but when I had my children and dog running around and people due to come round for lunch, the bad smells coming from my kitchen sink certainly felt like a disaster!


I tried to ignore it for a while, but as the tap ran into the sink as I was washing vegetables and also washing up the smells were getting worse and worse, prompting my eldest look up from Fortnite and shout out “Ewwww what’s that disgusting smell?”. (Obviously, it wasn’t my cooking!). Then, when I released the sink and it took ages to empty I knew it was something that I was going to have to deal with – fast! While the pans were bubbling away on the cooker I decided that I should perhaps practice what I preach (on a daily basis!!) and get the plunger out. I plunged it, my husband plunged it (he too is a Metro-Rodder!) and there were gurgling noises and things started to move about a bit but the bad smells had got worse.



amidst all of the chaos in the kitchen he set about emptying the cupboard under the sink to empty out the u-bend to relieve things even temporarily and see if he could clear the pipes a little bit and guess what we found in the u-bend? Rice, peas, minced beef, coffee grounds and some pasta! Some of these foods we haven’t had for weeks – no wonder there were such bad smells in my sink! There was also a build of limescale and bits of fat in the pipes too which he insisted on cleaning out as I was trying to make the gravy for lunch (as the mother in law was due round shortly!). So, 20 minutes later, disaster averted and a lesson learnt!


The thing is, at home we all know about the importance of the ‘3P’s’ only going into the drains, we all know about scraping plates into the bin before putting them in the sink and we all know to never put fat down the sink (limescale we cant do a lot about as we live in a hard water area) but obviously these things are still happening in our house. We can scrape plates as much as we can, but it only takes tiny amounts of waste to build up in domestic pipes to start causing problems. We must try harder!


So, next weekend this is what I am going to do;

1. Go out and buy a sink strainer to catch any waste before it enters the drainage system.
2. Have another word with my children about being really thorough about emptying their plates
3. Have Sunday Lunch out – much less hassle!



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