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Keep It Clear With Us

15th August 2019

Keep It Clear With Us

Keep It Clear With Us


Metro Rod Northampton is launching its own campaign called 'Keep It Clear With Us' to help educate our community on how to reduce the impact to the environment caused by blockages of our sewers.

Our sewers are like the arteries in our body if they get blocked there is a real problem.  Sewer pipes and pumps play a vital role in our water authorities' network, they cover many kilometers and many pumping stations to keep the water flowing to the water recycling centres. If a pump gets blocked then everyone whose pipe is connected could have a problem too.

We as a community need to help prevent this happening by being aware of what causes the blockages.  The most common causes are wipes, sanitary waste, fats, oils, and grease, they all build up over time and cause blocked pumps as well as pipes, this stops water flowing freely and can cause our pumps to get clogged, sewage can back up into homes and overflow into our rivers.

This is all avoidable by just thinking ahead, recycle or bin fats, oils, and grease and dispose of wipes and other bathroom waste in the bin.


Keep It Clear With Us



Keep It Clear With Us and prevent blockages leading to flooding and pollution, it can be costly to put right, and potentially devastating for our wildlife and the environment.

If you have a blocked sink or blocked toilet or you suspect your pipes are blocked and require a CCTV survey carrying out, call Metro Rod Northampton +44 01327 878078 or call our 24/7 emergency helpline 0800 668800,  you can also email your requirements to [email protected]

To help us with this campaign, join us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and share it with your friends and colleagues, you can also keep up to date with our latest news stories, tips, and topics.

Download our leaflet and place it on your staff notice boards or in your home to remind you of Keep It Clear With Us


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