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24th July 2020


Looking after your household drains is important as we rely on their functionality on a daily basis. 

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When you are faced with a blocked, overflowing toilet, a sink that wont drain or leaking pipes it can make your head spin and become quite stressful. Metro Rod Glasgow know how disruptive it can be so we put together some tips on what you can do to help prevent unnecessary drainage problems. 


Rinsing food down the sink

Rinsing food down the sink is a common mistake people will make, not thinking too much of it as they wash away the remaining rice or pasta of a plate. However doing this regularly can cause your drains to become blocked. This food has a tendency to stick to the uneven pipe walls and then ‘grow’ as more debris builds up with it. This is especially true for foods like rice, bread and pasta which will absorb water in the pipes and then expand, creating bigger blockages.

Similarly pouring fat, oil and grease (FOGs) down the sink may not seem like a big deal, but when it cools down the liquid will solidify into a mass, thus blocking the pipes. 

It is always best to scrape any food into the bin, and allow fat, grease and oil to cool and solidly first and then throw it in the bin. If you do find yourself with a blocked sink, its best to have it sorted as quickly as possible, as not only is it an inconvenience but the stuck food can start to produce bad unpleasant odours. 


Flushing things other than the 3 Ps

The only things that should be getting flushed down your toilet are the 3 Ps (Poo, Pee and toilet Paper). Flushing other toiletries like cotton wool, wet wipes and sanitary products may cause your toilet to become blocked as these are insoluble materials, meaning they wont dissolve in the water. Instead they can cling to the pipe walls and build up, along with other debris to limit and stop the flow of water from your toilet. 

The Water Research Centre recently opened a testing facility so that they can test and monitor the wet wipes that are claiming to be ‘fine to flush’. All wet wipes that wish to advertise as fine to flush have to go through tests at the WRC facility before being awarded the certification.  If you see the ‘Fine to flush’ logo on wet wipes then they can be flushed, however it is probably always better to be safe and simply bin the wet wipes.


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