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Manhole and Inspection Chamber Unblocking

10th August 2021

Manhole and Inspection Chamber Unblocking

Are you struggling to identify what is causing a problem in your drainage system? An expert drainage engineer can lift the manhole cover to access inside the inspection chamber to identify the issue and rectify it without any delay or disruption to your property.

Who Is Responsible for Manholes and Inspection Chambers?

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, you will be responsible for manholes and inspection chambers on your property. They are an essential access point to the pipework within your property, and their maintenance and accessibility is key to the health of your drainage system.

All manhole covers and inspection chambers are controlled by the UK Building Regulations, which should be contacted before any changes are made to the access or location of a manhole cover within your property. For example, if you are planning to carry out renovation work over a manhole cover, work may be needed to divert your pipework to maintain access to a manhole cover for essential inspections.

What Are Manholes or Inspection Chambers Used For?

Manhole covers are situated above the underground pipework, typically where there is a bend in direction or a joining pipe - all of which are hot spots for blockages to occur.

Manholes allow for an engineer to gain access and inspect these vulnerable areas of the drainage system as well as to clean and repair the pipes when needed.

The Chamber underneath a manhole is also an important storage area for excess water flow. For example, during heavy rainfall, the manhole chamber can carry the excess water safely whilst it slowly enters the drainage system below and avoiding any surface water flooding.

Why Do You Need to Get a Manhole or Inspection Chamber Unblocked?

Over time, an inspection chamber can become clogged with fat, oil and grease, wet wipes and other items which shouldn’t be flushed or poured down the drain. The build-up of these items prevents liquid from following efficiently through the drainage system leading to flooding or wastewater backing up.

Regular, routine maintenance of your manhole and inspection chamber will ensure your pipework is kept at its best.

This will also help avoid any problem blockages and build-ups causing an emergency and damage to your property.

Ignoring the problem and waiting for a blockage to sort itself out can put your property at risk from serious damage and site closures.

Can You Enter a Manhole and Unblock Your Drains Yourself?

Not only are inspection chambers dangerous confined areas, which are often intense with bad-smelling, potentially toxic, gases - unless you are a trained professional in the maintenance of drains, but you also aren’t likely to get to the route of the problem.

Metro Rod engineers are fully qualified in confined space working and use the latest technology in CCTV drain camera surveys and high-pressure water jetting to not only identify the issue but unblock the system and repair any damage caused by the blockage.

Leaving your drains to an expert will keep you safe and guarantee a long-lasting resolution, avoiding further damage or a temporary fix which may lead to more problems, not to mention the mess.

Who Can Help Repair Your Manhole and Drain Problem?

Metro Rod is highly qualified and experienced in all drain matters, providing a fast response to homes and businesses across the UK.

We deliver a first-class service, with professionalism and respect. For a drainage service you can trust, choose Metro Rod to take care of your manhole and inspection chamber maintenance.

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