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15th October 2019


So, what is pipe Re-Rounding and how can Metro Rod Bedford help you if you need it?


Firstly let us explain a bit about the history of underground pipes, so you can understand where and when Re-rounding could be required.

Early History of Pipes

Pipes have been made from all sorts of different materials, from early lead pipes in Roman Times, ceramic pipes in Medieval Times through periods of wood, steel, and copper, to now, widely used plastic.

The history of pipes in the United Kingdom stretches back to the Romans. Evidence of various degrees of engineering has been found from as far back as 43 AD when the Romans invaded England. The Romans were masters of engineering creating a series of Aqueducts, canals and rolled lead piping back in their day.  Water was fed from rivers, springs and lakes to the vast network of towns and cities. Usually, this water ended in a central location and was piped to public fountains and baths. It was only the highest status and largest of houses that could be connected directly to this water supply. Throughout the Roman rule, developments in sanitary care increased and a cleaner way of living was created.


Metro Rod Re-Rounding


During the 1940s pitch fibre drainpipes were developed and seen as the future of drainage. It is easy to understand why this cheaper and lighter alternative seemed better than the traditional clay drainpipes; at first, there was a World War going on, and for the remainder of the decade the focus was on rebuilding after the war. Pitch Fibre drainpipes were simple to manufacture, lightweight and easy to install. Pitch Fibre was seen as the way forward and these drainpipes were laid up until the 1970s.

Pitch fibre drainpipes are made of wood cellulose/fibre impregnated with coal tar. Often these have also had varying amounts of asbestos added to the material, which was used to add extra strength to the pipes. While these pipes were initially considered to be incredibly advanced, it turns out that there some very specific problems that pitch fibre drainpipes can suffer from. It is a very poor quality material, meaning that until recent years, a full-blown excavation was the only solution if there were repairs needed.  There are now, however, no-dig methods available on the market to minimalise disruption.

This is where Metro Rod Bedford and Watford can help you.

We have very specialised equipment that we use to re-round your pipes underground. And 'Re-rounding' is exactly what it sounds like! We can winch a ball through your old, delaminated pipes from one end, which forces the pipe back into shape, leaving it ready to be re-lined.

Sound simple? Well, it isn't - we just make it look simple as our professional engineers are highly trained and experienced, so they really do know what they're doing! Here are some photos of a recent re-rounding job we carried out last week, when our team was out rejuvenating large amounts of old defective pitch fibre piping, for an Independent Living Complex here in Bedfordshire, using Re-rounding and Re-lining methods.

To find out more about how we unblock drains, clear gutters and carry out CCTV camera surveys, click here. 

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Our engineer, Simon using the Re-rounder on-site in Bedfordshire last week.


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