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Metro Rod – Drain Repair in Liverpool, Warrington, Widnes & Runcorn

1st February 2019

Metro Rod – Drain Repair in Liverpool, Warrington, Widnes & Runcorn



There is no need to panic with Metro Rod on the case!


We have all heard the horror stories of someone, a friend, a neighbour or an acquaintance having a broken drain and it causing stress, mess and costing a fortune to get it fixed.  However, Metro Rod, being the industry leaders in drain care and repair, have the ideal solution for any broken or damaged drains that our customers may have in Liverpool, Warrington, Widnes, Runcorn, St Helens, Skelmersdale, Southport and beyond.  Sometimes an excavation is the best solution but we have other methods that we use daily, all of which are approved by Local Water Authorities and the Water Research Centre - these methods are usually chosen by the customer due to them causing less mess and disruption to any sites.


What would cause a broken drain?

There are a multitude of reasons why a drain may break.  Usually there isn't just a big break though, an underground drain may initially crack due to ground movement, vibrations from works/traffic or just general wear and tear - unfortunately not many things last forever.  Once damage is done though further damage to your drains can be caused by tree or plant roots, pests, such as insects and rodents and then also misuse.

How do I know that my drain is broken?

Have you ever been anywhere and smelt a terrible sewage smell?  This can be an obvious sign of broken or damaged drainage!  Other signs include;

  • Strange noises/gurgling noises in your toilet
  • Toilets not holding any water
  • Sewage coming up in your toilet/bath/back yard/garden
  • Slow draining or non draining toilets, baths or sinks
  • Subsidence


If you are experiencing any of these problems then it may be time to call in Metro Rod!


Does a broken drain mean my floor or garden has to be dug up?

With the nature of drains and where they are situated this unfortunately sometimes is the case.  However Metro Rod have invested significantly to ensure that where is it possible to carry out a no dig repair, meaning minimal mess and fuss.  As the name suggests, this repair does not require excavations and instead encompasses various lining techniques. The result is a speedy, reliable fix that won’t dent your pocket.

Metro Rod, as a market leader, has developed and perfected these techniques over the last 25 years and have a number of options for materials to give the most cost effective and efficient solution possible to our customers.  No-Dig Repair options vary depending on the location and requirements, but they all involve inserting a liner into a drain which is impregnated with resin. The liner is moved into position, whether it is local or full length, and then inflated to give a water tight repair by effectively making a thin strong layer inside the existing drain. When the required cure time has elapsed, the means of inflating the repair is removed to restore the full drain function and integrity.


If we can fix your drains without digging up your floor or garden please rest assured that we will!

What sort of LSRs (Local Structuralised Repairs) do Metro Rod offer?

Patch Liners – This localised repair offers a cost-effective solution to fix individual defects within a drain or sewer.

Ambient Cured Lining – Ambient cured lining consists of the full or partial lining of sewers or drains to cover multiple defects.

Heat Cured Lining – This is like Ambient cured lining; however, Heat Cured Lining is predominantly used for larger diameter pipes or where an increased resistance to chemical attack is required.

If we have to excavate, due to the severity of the problem (we couldn't reline a collapsed drain for example!) then we guarantee to make as minimal mess as possible - we fully understand what an inconvenience it could be to you and so we promise to excavate and reinstate as quickly and neatly as possible!


Pipe Replacement

Can you tell me more?


Of course!  Please get in touch with our Liverpool Depot on 0151 909 2807 and one of our experienced and trained managers will discuss your options with you


How else can I connect with Metro Rod?

It's easy!

Either visit our website on www.metrorod.co.uk/Liverpool

Visit our Twitter or Facebook Pages

Connect with our Business Development manager, Jenny on LinkedIn.


If you have any drainage problems across Liverpool, Warrington, Skelmersdale, Southport, St Helens, Runcorn, Widnes or beyond then we have the solution!


Before And After Lsrs

Here are some before and after pictures of relined and patched drains that have been carried out by our engineers


Talk to you local metrorod specialist

Talk to your local Metro Rod specialist

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