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Metro Rod Mapping out the future one manhole at a time!

30th November 2018

Metro Rod Mapping out the future one manhole at a time!

We at Metro Rod are proud to have our innovative and highly competent CCTV Survey Teams. Our detailed deliverance of the drainage surveys we carry out and recommendations that follow enables businesses and organisations from all sectors to have complete confidence and reassurance in knowing all is in order underneath their feet.

This process does not just involve our vast network of Engineers , to ensure we can be confident in the recommendations we are providing to resolve any issues found with the drainage system, the survey footage is uploaded remotely from site and then vetted by our Projects Team to deliver a highly detailed CCTV Survey Report.

We have envisaged our CCTV Drainage Surveys will now have the ability to impress our customers again to the next level and we would like to offer an additional option for increased accuracy of our surveys. Having worked on many various different sites ranging from office complexes, factories and construction sites, it is not always the case there is an accurate drainage drawing available, This is something we can now provide with 1cm precision accuracy!


The Benefits


  •  Accurate Global Positioning
  • Exportable DXF CAD layer of the drainage system
  • Plotted assets View-able on google Earth
  • Site plan with accurate positioning of assets and flow direction
  • Full manhole reports produced
  • Ability to plot any asset required



Img 6035

The Future is GPS

Technology which works via satellite to give us the ability to record accurately the location of Manhole Chambers/Gullies and Channels Drains or any other asset that requires plotting down to an impressive accuracy of 1-2cm. This service will also accurately record cover and invert levels of the manholes and we will produce a highly detailed report of each chamber giving in-depth details of the manhole construction/type and condition.

Upon completion of the mapping on site, a detailed accurate site drawing and several asset detail reports will be compiled. A KML Google Earth report will also be sent to the client which will show the location of the drainage on site with all the details of the assets available at the click of a button.


If you are in need of this service or would like more information, please feel free to contact us and we will direct you to our Technical Team who will be than happy to assist!

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