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5th April 2019


Metro Rod have recently just set up an account with the well know fitness company, The Gym Group. There are 169 gyms in the United Kingdom, all of which have chosen us as their go-to drainage and plumbing engineers!  

This development will bring new work and achievements to Metro Rod Franchises across the country and really get the Metro Rod name out there. As we are growing company, it is extremely important for us to expand our connections as much as possible. We may be the go-to company for The Gym Group, but we want to be the go-to company for everyone!  

In relation to the Brighton and Gatwick region, there are 9 different gyms around the South Coast that are now having works done by us. These gyms are: 

  • Ashford  
  • Brighton London Road
  • Brighton Madeira Drive 
  • Crawley 
  • Eastbourne  
  • Horsham 
  • Redhill  
  • Worthing 


The Gym Southdields 24

If you are a fitness guru and enjoy going to the gym regularly, you will know that it can be a very hot and sweaty activity, which is why The Gym Group provide clean, working showers for their customers to use after working out. However, some people disrespect the showers and they eventually will become blocked and out of use.  

The most common cause of a blockage in the shower drain, is usually clumps of hair, dirt, grease and a mixture of soap, shampoo and conditioner. If you suspect that there is a blockage in your shower drain, the best thing to do is to call a drainage company and arrange for an engineer to come out to your property and clear the blockage. 

There are many different methods that drainage engineers can use to clear these kinds of blockages. These methods are: 

  • A simple plunger – This is the process of using a normal shower plunger to remove the blockage within the shower drain. The shower drain cover must be removed first and the screws must be put somewhere safe, so that you are able to reinstall the drain cover. It is always easier when the shower is on, so that after plunging the drain multiple times, you are able to see clearly if the water is filling up or not. When plunging a shower drain, bath plug hole or toilet, don’t be afraid to use force. 
  • Wetvac System - This is the process of using a special vacuum cleaner to suction out the blockage from the shower drain. Similar to the plunger method, always remove the shower drain cover and make sure the screws do not fall down the drain. Also ensure that the vacuum cleaner is a wet vac system instead of a regular vacuum cleaner. Simply place the vacuum cleaner drain attachment over the drain cover and it will suction the blockage up and out of the drain.  
  • Electro-Mechanical Cleaner - This is the process of using a motorised tool to rotate a cable or spring which is stored on a drum within the tool. The operator feeds the cable into the pipe that is blocked and uses the tool to rotate the cable within the pipe. This has the effect of breaking up any material which has accumulated in the pipe which is largely removed on the cable and the remainder flushed harmlessly away into the drainage system. 
  • Internal High - Pressure Water Jetter - This is the process of using water propelled at high speeds to clean surfaces and materials. This application is particularly effective in clearance of drains as the impact of high-pressure water on a blockage is to soften or emulsify it, which restores flow aided by water used in the jetting process. All Metro Rod Vans carry HPW Jetting equipment. 

If you need any advice on a blocked shower drain or any type of drain, give Metro Rod Brighton and Gatwick and call and our knowledgeable, friendly office staff will provide you with as much information as you need. 

If you need to contact Metro Rod Brighton & Gatwick for any drainage problems, blocked toilets, overflowing manholes, CCTV surveys, gutter cleaning or anything of the kind, you can call us on 01293 989 345, visit our website at www.metrorod.co.uk/brighton or take a look at our Facebook page! 



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