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Partners with Brawoliner

9th February 2018

Partners with Brawoliner

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Brawoliner is a market leader in Pipework rehabilitation with an innovative non-invasive, NO DIG REPAIR technique.



As the one of the, few, fully approved Brawoliner installers in the UK, we offer a service like no other. A service that comes with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee and 50 year life expectancy.

We send our engineers to Germany to be trained, directly by the manufacturers, to gain a qualification which is as unique and innovative as the product we offer.   Our engineers can line your drains without having to excavate the entire length of the pipework.  Preventing serious lack of earnings in businesses and general disruption to your day to day activities.  We could save your business thousands!

What Is It Made From?

The liner itself is made from woven fibres that stretch, move and bend whichever way is necessary.  This pliability enables the liner to move seamlessly through a maze of pipework without creasing or folding.

Liner Internal


The liner is impregnated with Epoxy resin.   This Bonds the liner onto the pipework like a second skin, making the wall of the drain 4-6mm thicker.  So not reducing the diameter by much at all!



Most pipe work in the UK is underground, and mainly made from clay and PVC.   Cracked pipes and joint displacements are a constant battle. With the ground forever shifting around them and the weight of vehicles continually running over them; cracks are bound to happen.  These cracks can lead to root infiltration and water can escape and erode the surrounding soil away.

With Brawoliner installed, however,  defects are much less likely to occur in the future. The liner is actually bonded to the original pipe so they will work as one.  Making root infiltration highly unlikely.

How It Works:

Our engineers will first of all survey your drains.  Using our CCTV equipment, they will ascertain what the problem is, where it is and how best to access it is.  Usually this is through a manhole or open pipe.  The liner will be cut accordingly and impregnated with epoxy resin.

Liner Site


The liner will be put inside our specialist inversion drum, once the impregnation process is complete. The end of the liner is then turned inside out and clamped to the drum, ready to be blown into the drain. (Much like folding a sock.)   It is then placed over the entrance of the pipe and the process begins


The inversion drum is filled with compressed air,  once the liner has been inserted  the highly pressurised air will then push the liner through the pipework; with the resin bonding the liner to the original pipe seamlessly, like a slide.   Once the liner has been inserted the resin will be heated by water to 60 degrees and will then begin to harden over the next few hours.



Once this is complete, our engineer will then re survey the pipes to ensure everything is satisfactory. Finally if there have been any lateral connections covered by the liner,  our specialist robotic cutter  will be sent down the pipe to re-open them.


We have just fixed your underground pipework system, without having to dig.  Due to this liners, unique, flexibility the hydraulics of the drain will be significantly improved.  This will dramatically decrease the risk of further issues and costly call outs.

Fully LinedBrawoliner has the ability to repir 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 225mm and 300mm pipes. We consider it to be the best product and system for small diameter pipe rehabilitation.  This is why you will not see us using any other system, as we want to deliver the best to our customers.


If you require more information regarding this service or would like a quote,  contact us directly on 01472859895

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