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Pre Planned Maintenance Services at Metro Rod Mid Wales & Shropshire.

24th April 2019

Pre Planned Maintenance Services at Metro Rod Mid Wales & Shropshire.

Recently we have been inundated with enquires about PPM's (Pre Planned Maintenance). Businesses across Mid Wales and Shropshire have began to realise the savings that can be made and the hassle that can be saved by having regular Pre Planned Maintenance. We cover both internal and external drainage systems. We pride ourselves on being able to produce clean, effective and minimum hassle service to our customers. PPM's can be disruptive to a business but with our flexible 24/7 working hours we can work to a customers needs. We are able to provide reports showing the extent of the works we have completed. The report will show the customer exactly what has been done and whether or not there are more issues with the Drainage System.

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What we can cover with a PPM.


Urinals - Full descale of all traps and pipe-works ensuring full flow of water top the stack pipe.
Toilets - All toilets are checked and we ensure full flow is achieved and the cistern is in full working order.
Sinks - All traps and pipework cleaned and flow ensured to the stack pipe Tap checked to see if in full working order.
Drains (internal) - All internal drains and manholes are cleaned and full flow ensured.
Fat & Grease traps - We carry out inspections of Fat and grease traps of any size ensuring they are cleaned and the contents removed ensuring its in full working order.


Gullies and Storm Drains. - Our Vactor Tanker is specially designed and equipped to deal with gullies and large Drains and interceptors. With its powerful vacuum system there is not much our tanker cannot remove. For those hard to reach areas it comes with a powerful High water pressure jet unit that pretty much remove any Blockage.
Septic Tanks. - Here at Metro Rod Mid Wales and Shropshire we pride ourselves on the Septic Tank Service that's provided. Our Qualified engineers are trained to provide our customers the best possible service. The engineers knowledge on all ranges of Septic Tanks, Interceptors, Bio discs and cess pits and the attached Drainage systems are what we feel sets us apart from our competitors.
External Drains - As with internal Drains these are cleaned using a high water pressure jetting process. We will add water from an internal water source and ensure full flow. By doing this it ensure there are no Blockages with in the line and the Drains are running freely.
Gutters and downpipes - Our Metro-Vac Gutter cleaning system is perfectly designed to reach most guttering. With its lightweight extendable hose, powerful Vacuum and attachable CCTV capability its the way forward for gutter cleaning.
CCTV Surveys. - As with any Drainage system all is good until an issue arises. Some Blockages are easily cleared and have an easy answer. Some Blockages are more stubborn or completely collapsed. We have the ability to use our state of the art CCTV camera systems. These cameras give us the ability to clearly search Drainage Systems of all sizes and find issues. Our new I-touch CCTV system is the latest in cutting edge CCTV inspection and reporting. We also have a Crawler camera which we can control remotely and are able to send it down much big storm drains and sewers. Recently we have been very busy with Build over surveys for extensions or new builds.
Excavations. - Our excavation team is constantly busy covering everything from Repairing collapsed Drains to installation of Septic Tanks. There isn't much our team cant turn there hand to. They have even had a go a some landscape gardening after recent heavy floods.
Patio/Pavement Cleaning. - Our Whirl-away rotary flat surface cleaner is a quick and easy way to clean walkways, patios, decks, driveways, Pavements and car parks. After our long winters we all have those dirty green patios and sludge filled decking. The whirl-away is the quick and effective way to clean them.

At Metro Rod Mid Wales and Shropshire we try our hardest to provide a swift, professional service. We try to cater for any Drainage issue and every possible scenario so the customers requirements are met.

Do you or your business feel you could benefit from any of the PPM's above. For more information don't hesitate in calling us on 01938554050 or E-mail us on [email protected]


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Talk to your local Metro Rod specialist

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