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Questions To Ask a Drain Mapping Expert

16th October 2023

Questions To Ask a Drain Mapping Expert

The Importance of Having a Drain Map

If you’ve decided to invest in quality drain mapping, you can expect a thorough investigation of your existing drainage system that shows details about your pipes, septic tanks, manhole and gully locations, drainage channels, direction of water flow and much more.

Knowing how the plumbing system is laid out in your property is incredibly useful, should you want to build next to it, create an extension or fix a broken pipe underground.

A drain map would also form an important part of an emergency response if flooding were to occur. Having a drain map would reduce damage to your property as it would help engineers to ensure any water is safely redirected and transported away from the site.

If you’re considering having a drain map done, here are some questions we recommend asking your drain mapping engineer to help you gain a better understanding of their expertise and how they can best assist you with your specific requirements


Q. Am I Legally Required to Have a Drain Map?

In some cases, drain mapping may be a legal requirement for building projects. For example, if you’re planning to build an extension on your property, it may be requested that you have a map of the drainage system to ensure any changes made do not cause problems.

For some commercial sites, such as COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) and EPR (Environmental Permitting Regulations) regulated sites, drain mapping is part of the site compliance. By having a detailed map of the drainage system, you can ensure that your building project complies with legal requirements.


Q. How Long Will it Take to Complete a Drain Mapping Project?

How long a drain mapping project will take is dependent on the size of the site that needs to be mapped. Obviously, a smaller site will take less time than a larger one.

A drain mapping expert should understand the importance of minimising any disruption to your home or business, and should work with you to provide the service at a convenient time, as well as give you a time-frame for the job to be completed in.


Q. What Are You Looking For During Drain Mapping?

Drain mapping can help identify problems with the structure of your drainage system, such as collapsed or damaged pipes and misaligned connections. It can even pick up where tree roots have grown into your drains and can pinpoint these for removal and/or repair.

Identifying these issues can help prevent future problems and ensure that your drainage system functions as intended.


drain mapping expert working on one of their site maps

Q. What Kind of Report Will I Receive After You Complete The Drain Mapping?

A qualified engineer should provide an in-depth report including a site map with a schematic drawing of the drainage system. They should also include an asset register detailing the location, size, access points and use of each drain section, as well as manhole record cards showing images (STC25).

An interactive Google Earth (KML Report) overlay is helpful, as it allows you to click on each drain section and see the corresponding granular details and photos. It is also useful if your engineer can provide a DXF file that could be used alongside the CAD system, as used by architects. As well as drainage elements, bespoke data collection forms for things like streetlights are also handy.


Q. Can You Provide References or Examples of Previous Drain Mapping Projects You Have Worked On?

You should always ask for references and check out client feedback before asking someone to carry out drain mapping. A good drain mapping engineer should be happy to arrange a free site visit and no-obligation quote for any works you might need.


We’re Here to Help You With Drain Mapping

Metro Rod’s team of trained professionals have specialist equipment and software to conduct drain mapping. If you need help with understanding the layout and structure of your drainage system, we have engineers who can attend your UK home.

Call your local Metro Rod depot on 0800 66 88 00 for a free quote and see how you can benefit from a well-designed drainage plan.

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