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Roll up, roll up, the new camera van has come to town!

24th September 2019

Roll up, roll up,  the new camera van has come to town!

Inside our new CCTV van!


We’re quite excited here at Metro Rod HLP, as we have added a swanky new van to our fleet - meet the newest addition to the HLP taskforce, our dedicated CCTV van!


CCTV surveys are a huge part of what we do here at Metro Rod, as they provide valuable insight into the structural state of your drains and can highlight any possible issues before they become too serious. They also allow us to identify areas where repairs need to be carried out to ensure our engineers can work to maximum efficiency. Many of our engineers have specialist equipment to carry out CCTV surveys, but this is the first time we have a dedicated vehicle that has been tailor made with all the latest in survey technology.


So what’s in the van?!

As well as being market leaders and industry experts, we are committed to providing our customers with a first-class service. By investing in innovative technologies such as iTouch Live CCTV, we are able to maintain the high standards of service which we are known for, but in a much quicker and more efficient way than ever before. Our new van has all the specialist equipment required to carry out even the most complex of surveys. So what exactly is in the can you ask?

  • Compact High Pressure Water Jetting Unit
  • x2 Crawler cameras
  • iTouch CCTV Unit
  • Microwave!! CCTV surveys can take a long time… so of course we need to make sure our engineers are looked after and can have a nice warm lunch and a cup of tea!


Compact High Pressure Water Jetting Unit>>These ‘supercharged’ jetters have the ability to force water though with so much power that they can clear many blockages without the use for further equipment, making them an unrivalled piece of machinery is our drainage arsenal! One of the first things we must do when completing a CCTV survey is ensure the network is as clean and clear as possible. This guarantees that any faults will be identified accurately and recommendations can be made with confidence. The compact water jetter is used to ‘blast’ through the debris, creating a clear path for our cameras to follow.


x2 Crawler Cameras>>Crawler cameras are essentially a robot on wheels with a camera attached. They are ‘driven’ through the drains and faults can be recorded, which are then fed back to the operator. The location of the damage is indicated to our team and recorded on video so accurate recommendations for repair can be made. Here at Metro Rod HLP, we have invested in two of these extremely specialist pieces of equipment for our new van, one which is suitable for recording in smaller drains and one for larger diameter pipes.

iTouch CCTV Unit>> The latest technology in the world of drainage CCTV, the iTouch system is a compact unit which can be easily transported to multiple locations. Comprised of a long reel of cable with a camera fed through which connects to a screen back at the van, the iTouch system is pushed through the drains and the footage is recorded in real time and made directly available to our in-office CCTV specialists for analysis. A report is then generated by our team which examines the issues recorded and provides a rating as to the urgency of the repair. All of this will be accompanied by the real time footage that will be fully coded with the queries identified in the written recommendation.


Why would I need a CCTV survey?

CCTV surveys can be helpful for a multitude of reasons, not only for peace of mind but to ensure that any issues are identified before they become too serious. Instances where may consider utilising this service include:

  • Repeat blockages – If you find you are experiencing repeat blockages in your system, a CCTV survey may be the best option to identify the underlying causes. Issues such as cracks, displaced joints and root ingress are common occurrences that cause repeat blockage’s and a CCTV survey will easily detect these and offer pin point accuracy of the location of the problem.
  • Homebuyers Survey – Buying a new home? Many people overlook the drainage system of their new home, but being aware of any underlying issues can save a world of difficulty further along the line. As one of the biggest purchases you will ever make, you want to fall in love with your home and not have to deal with the fall-out of a bad drainage system.
  • Vermin Infestations – Sadly our drains can become lovely homes for vermin such as rats and mice, and these little critters can cause a fair amount of trouble! A CCTV survey can identify where they may be entering the system and will show the effect they are having on the structure of your drains.

So if you think a CCTV survey could be of use to you or your business, give us a call on 01472 859895 and speak to one of our helpful advisors who can advise you on the best service for your needs.

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