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‘Rooting’ Out the Problem Caused By Trees and Plants

3rd July 2018

‘Rooting’ Out the Problem Caused By Trees and Plants

Summer is upon us up here in Metro Rod (Aberdeen) HQ. The yard is tidy, vans are sparkling and the plants are in full bloom.

But shrubs and trees can cause extensive structural and plumbing damage. At Metro Rod (Aberdeen) we see the damage caused to drainage pipes every day.

They require more room to look for nutrients in order to grow. Some also require huge amounts of water and moisture to survive, and hence expand to look for these resources. In some cases the closest water supply is a nearby water supply or sewer pipe, which in turn aren’t strong enough to prevent these roots from penetrating them.

Before Planting Your Trees and Plants

Conducting the necessary research before planting these trees and plants can help avoid  costly drainage and plumbing problems, such as blocked drains and sewer line collapses. This research should include the following;

  • Roughly measure the distance of these trees or plants from your home in order to make sure their root system can grow without getting the best out of your home’s foundation or pipe system.
  • Make sure you know where the sewerage and pipe system is under your property before planting these trees and plants. You can then leave enough space to plant any tree or shrub.
  • Furthermore, make sure the soil or system these trees are planted over, have enough sunlight, water and nutrients. This can prevent the trees and plants from expanding to search for their required resources.
  • Conduct an expert inspection to your property’s plumbing and drainage to make sure the sewerage systems and pipes do not have leaks. These weak joints and cracks may be at potential risk from roots that require nutrients.

What to Take Away from These Problems

In order to prevent any potential damages to your home’s foundation and plumbing, either research your options, or simply avoid planting the most space requiring trees in your yard. If you do plant these, ensure there is adequate room for them to grow sufficiently. Following these guidelines will facing problems in the future.

If You Are Facing This Problem Already, Contact Our Experts

Putting a stop to plumbing and drainage problems from occurring is a difficult job, but unfortunately these damages can spread fast.  This is why it is essential to bring in professional help such as the experts at Metro Rod (Aberdeen) in order to avoid greater repair costs down the road.

If you’re a new homeowner, and are in need of repairs in plumbing, pipes or drainage, contact Metro Rod (Aberdeen) on 01358 723731 for a range of specialist services.





Tree roots can cause major issues to drainage

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