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8th November 2021


A cracked pipe in a drainage system can lead to problems, here are the main indicators that may mean you have a cracked pipe. 

water leak ceiling

Drainage systems are not invincible which means they will over time be subjected to normal wear and tear. It is not uncommon to at some point experience a cracked pipe so it’s a god idea to know what you are looking for when it comes to signs that you may have one. Otherwise, if left for too long you risk damaging your home as well as making the problem in your drainage system worse as well. 

What causes a pipe to crack?

There are a few reasons why the pipes might crack, often due to the exposure of the elements, the ground and the waste they carry away. One reason which will become more prevalent as we move into winter is the freezing and thawing of water in pipes. As the water freezes it will expand which can fracture the pipes, then when it starts to defrost the water will begin leaking out the pipes. 

Tree roots are another problem as they can grow down and into the smallest cracks or joints of the pipes and continue to grow bigger until they end up splitting the pipes to make a bigger problem. 

Often one crack can cause more cracks as the structure is compromised, so it is always a good idea to have your pipes checked out quickly if you think there might be a crack or leak. 

How to spot you have a cracked pipe?

With most of the pipes hidden behind walls and even underground it can be hard to know when you have a problem. However there should be some symptoms that you can notice in your property. For example, cracks will lead to leaks and the common signs you have a leak may be damp walls or ceilings, foul smells, low water pressure and increased water bills. You should always be aware of any changes you find the home that could be caused by a leak and have it look at, at the earliest convenience.

If you suspect you have a cracked pipe then you should give Metro Rod Bristol a call as we are able to repair your pipes using different no-dig and trenchless repairs and various lining techniques. 


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