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Tanker Services | Metro Rod Northampton

28th August 2019

Tanker Services | Metro Rod Northampton

Tanker Services

Metro Rod Northampton offers Tanker Services that can:

  • Clean out Interceptors, Septic Tanks and Grease Traps
  • Carry up to 3000 gallons of liquid waste
  • Vacuum and remove liquids and solids
  • Clear Debris from the surface so no need to go into confined spaces
  • Deal with the toughest blockages and drain clearance jobs
  • Deal with larger diameter pipes and longer length pipes
  • Prevent flooding with the removal of wastewater


For immediate service call  0800 66 88 00

Tanker Services Northampton


Our Units are.......

Combination Units

Combination units can collect and remove wet and dry material including bricks, bottles, and compacted sewage. With separate clean and 'dirty' compartments, these machines can clean pipework and also suck out silt and debris for removal to the appropriate waste treatment facility.

Environmentally Responsible Waste Disposal

All tankers are operated by fully trained personnel working to the latest Health and Safety practices.  Any waste that is removed is dealt with observing our duty of care under the latest pollution control regulations.

Metro Rod Northampton offers many services, not just tanker services, visit our home page Metro Rod Northampton to find out more.


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