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The Gully Guide

3rd December 2019

The Gully Guide

The Gully Guide


What is a gully?

Well, in simple terms it’s an external drainage pipe or channel designed to remove surface water to protect property and prevent flooding.  They can be both domestic and industrial.

Domestic primarily focuses on the removal of grey wastewater from washing machines, showers, baths and sinks.

Industrial remove surface water from public areas including roads, walkways and commercial centers.

What Problems Arise with Gullies?

Because of their location gullies are prone to the elements.  Subsequently, they can become blocked by debris such as leaves, mud, rubbish, and here in Cornwall – Sand! They can also vulnerable to root infestation. When gullies become blocked water cannot be correctly channeled and flooding can occur, especially at times of significant rainfall.

Blockage Advice.

The way to treat a blocked gully depends on its location and purpose.

Domestic blockages. These can be straightforward to clear. The first step is to find the location of the blockage and to clear all surface debris from the trap covering the gully. If there is debris under the trap remove it.  Wearing protective gloves and eye wear remove the cover with a screwdriver and remove the debris with a trowel or small spade.  Then use a drain rod to clear further into the gully to ensure no blockage remains.  Finally, flush through with a hose to check everything is clear.  For kitchen gullies it’s also advisable to poor boiling water into the gully to clear any fat or grease build up.  If the blockage persists it is advisable to call in a professional such as Cornwall’s Metro Rod.

Industrial blockages often require a professional intervention, but who to call will depend on who handles the gully.

Cornwall Council care for gullies found on the highway. For more information on reporting blockages visit their website.

Commercial sites such as shopping centers and private car parks are the responsibility of the property manager.  Because of their public nature there are often safety implications to consider when assessing blockages and flooding.  For this reason, it is better to call a professional drainage company to address the problem and review remedial action.

How we can help

Here at Cornwall’s Metro Rod we have all the equipment necessary to clear all manner of gully blockages.  These include specialist jetters, root cutters, CCTV cameras and tankers. Sand can be a problem for gullies in coastal locations. For the reason we offer a bespoke service ensuring full removal of sand and debris from the gullies followed by an ongoing maintenance programme to prevent future blockages and flooding.

If you have concerns about blocked drains, gullies or flooding, give our office a call for free advice and a no obligation quote on 01872 870918.  We offer a 24/7 service and cover the entire Duchy.

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Talk to your local Metro Rod specialist

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