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31st October 2020


Up and down the country strange things have been found lurking in drains, and these are some of our favourites.

Blocked and damaged drains can be caused by a number of things, most of the time it is a result of very normal wear and tear or an inevitable buildup of scum. But there have been rare occasions when upon investigating the drains some weird and wonderful things have been discovered down the in the drains.

#1 Giant Fatberg

Fatbergs are a common problem for drains and can usually be solved with some boiling water or a quick drain unblocking. For a fatberg in London this was not the case. A fatberg was found in the city’s sewers measuring 250 metres long and weighing the same as 19 African elephants. It was a huge mass of rotting materials that shouldn’t have been flushed down the drain, that had solidified and become stuck blocking the pipes. 

#2 An Alligator 

In New York, USA, there is an urban legend that the city’s sewers are full of alligators, people were led to believe that baby alligators were often bought as pets before they realised they were dangerous reptiles. They were then flushed down the drains, where they can now breed and thrive in the sewers. Whilst scientists insist that the conditions of the drains would not allow for the alligators to live for long, one was found in East Harlem in 1935 down a manhole, how it got there, no one knows.

#3 A Car

You may be shocked to hear that in some London sewers, some workers actually found half a car! Now Minis have a reputation for being small and compact but we bet you didn’t think they would be small enough to fit into a sewer. We have no idea how half of a Mini came to be stuck in a sewer, but it must have been quite a shock to find down there.

#4 A Sheep

In Surrey some drainage engineers found an unlikely resident in the drains, a sheep! It had clearly wandered off from the rest and had managed to make its way into the drains to live. It was healthy and alone and was soon reunited with the rest of the flock. It’s not every day we find a sheep down the drain.


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