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Understanding the septic tank laws in Wales

14th January 2020

Understanding the septic tank laws in Wales

Septic tank laws have now changed across the UK, although they do vary between countries. Updates have been made to the septic tank laws in Wales and we’ve got all the details.  

Who does the law apply to? 

The Welsh septic tank laws apply to any home or business owner in Wales that is responsible for a septic tank.

What are the current septic tank laws in Wales? 

All septic tanks in Wales must be registered with Natural Resources Wales. This should have been done by the start of 2020, so if your septic tank is not yet registered, make sure you do it soon! 

The legislations for septic tanks in Wales are similar to those in England. All septic tanks in Wales must either: 

  • Divert and filter through a drainage field   
  • Be converted into a sewage or package treatment plant so waste can be treated before flowing into open water.  

Metro Rod is here to help  

Our team of engineers are available to conduct free site assessments to any home or business with a septic tank. We can discuss your current set-up and provide recommendations on how to go forward in ensuring your septic tank is compliant with the law.  

Alongside this, Metro Rod also offers the following septic tank services:  

  • emptying septic tanks 
  • septic tank waste disposal 
  • maintenance including repairs 


If you need help understanding the new septic tank laws, or any other aspect of septic tank management, get in touch with your local Welsh Metro Rod depot

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Talk to your local Metro Rod specialist

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