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Water Pollution – Everything You Need to Know

4th July 2024

Water Pollution – Everything You Need to Know

Water pollution is on the increase in the UK. It occurs when harmful substances – like chemicals or microorganisms – enter the drainage system and infiltrate natural bodies of water, such as streams, lakes, rivers or the ocean. When water pollution happens, it degrades the water quality and can make it toxic to both humans and animals, and the wider environment.

The causes of pollutants entering bodies of water often come as a result of human or business activity. For example, oil and chemical spills, fertilizer run off, waste dumping, and incorrect disposal of sewage and trade effluent.

As a UK business owner, you have a responsibility to ensure you’re not contributing to water pollution. If you don’t take the correct steps, you could be subject to large fines, as the government introduced unlimited financial penalties for companies who pollute the environment in December 2023.

Here, we share some of the key facts about water pollution and the UK’s waterways, to give you a full picture of what’s happening and why it’s so important to ensure your business is acting in the best interests of the environment.

Water pollution: The facts


Business and water pollution

In research we undertook in 2022, we found that almost two thirds (62%) of businesses in the manufacturing sector – which is prone to discharging trade effluent – are unaware of the steps they should be taking to remedy water pollution. This is leading to widespread concern that their firm might one day be subject to pollution-related penalties.

What’s additionally concerning is that just two in five respondents (40%) said they have drainage plans which comply with the Environment Agency’s pollution prevention guidance. There are serious legal implications for businesses found not to be complying with their environmental obligations and aside from legal punishment, any business in this position could face a costly impact on its reputation and daily operations.

How Metro Rod can help you

There are certain procedures and solutions that should be in place at every business site in the UK, to ensure companies can efficiently and proactively minimise their impact on the environment. Taking action doesn’t have to be expensive or laborious, and in many cases, undertaking some processes just once or twice will provide you with enough information about your site to ensure it is functioning efficiently for six months or more.

Most important of all is to work with a drainage expert like Metro Rod, that can advise on what needs to be implemented at your business to protect both your organisation and the environment from risk. Our expert engineers are on hand to support and advise you in the disposal of your trade effluent, ensuring wastewater is disposed of correctly and regular drain maintenance is in place to prevent water pollution.

Our asset mapping service and pre-planned maintenance services can help you control and manage your water pollution and also ensure that you meet your environmental obligations. Meanwhile, having plans in place to regularly empty your grease traps and interceptors will ensure your site is functioning efficiently and without harm to the environment.

For more information and to get a plan in place for your business, contact Metro Rod 24/7/365.

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