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We carry out CCTV Surveys & Fit & Maintain Grease Traps…

22nd May 2018

We carry out CCTV Surveys & Fit & Maintain Grease Traps…

What is a Grease Trap?
Grease traps have been around over 100 years and are also known as grease interceptors, converters, catchers, grease recovery / management devices or FOG traps. They are used in a wide range of environments here are some of them listed below:

Pubs and bars
Schools and colleges
Each kitchen will unavoidably produce fat, oil and grease (FOG) as a by-product of cooking, none of which is should be poured down the drains. It is also likely that in a busy kitchen no matter how careful the staff are, small pieces of food will also end up being rinsed down.

How we can help?
At Metro Rod Bedford and Milton Keynes, not only do we clear blocked drains and carry out CCTV surveys, we can install a brand new grease trap if you’ve never had one, or we can replace an old grease trap that no longer seems to be working for you.

Once installed we can work with you to set up a maintenance schedule to empty the grease trap as often as you need and within times that suit your business. How busy the kitchen is and what size grease trap you use will determine how frequently they need to be emptied; we’ve emptied some grease traps every month, whereas others can be every 3 or even every 6 months. We can come in an empty the trap early in the day before the kitchen gets busy, or we can come and empty it after the kitchen is closed. Whatever the needs of your business we will work with you. We can also carry out CCTV surveys on site and clear any blocked drains whilst we are with you.

Another benefit of using Metro Rod is that you will not be locked into a schedule in any way; we may start with a monthly visit, but find that in fact the trap could handle 3-monthly emptying. We would feed that insight back to you and amend the schedule as needed.

Currently, we undertake monthly Pre-Planned Maintenance to clear our kitchen grease traps and undertake a full High Pressure water jetting descale of kitchen lines in order to remove all fat. We also undertake tanker work to clear ground keepers yard drainage. This ensures that these lines are fully functioning and maintained. Also, we quickly resolve all emergency drain blockages.

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Whether you are a business or a household we’d be happy to help with your blocked drains.

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