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What Are Backflows and How to Avoid Them?

15th June 2018

What Are Backflows and How to Avoid Them?

A backflow is a dangerous issue that poses risks of serious problems to various properties throughout Aberdeenshire. This occurs when there is a cross-connection between your home’s portable water system (known as drinking water) with any possible source of contamination.

This problem usually occurs in commercial plumbing systems and can lead to serious sickness or health problems for the people who inadvertently use this water.

If you suspect such a problem, you should not delay in contacting the professionals at Metro Rod (Aberdeen).

What Causes Backflow?

Backflow is caused when there is potential back pressure or siphonage, which in turn causes water to flow in reverse from its natural direction. Siphonage illustrates the emptying of a liquid in a container through a tube to another container that is placed in a lower position. This is exactly like how you empty gas out of the tank of your car by blowing into a tube which empties onto the road (which is naturally lower than the gas tank).

Similarly back siphonage into your home’s tanks occurs when a vacuum or negative pressure is created from a public water system. The common causes of this are firefighting happening nearby, temperature increases in boilers or water main breaks.

Minor cases of backflow can result in contamination examples like odour, discolouration or in extreme cases can be responsible for deaths. This is why calling a professional like Metro Rod (Aberdeen) to fix backflow issues in a timely manner is crucial.

There are a number of cross connections in water systems. Examples of these include conditioning units, water softeners, or the likes which are attached to sanitary water sewers, lawn irrigation systems, toilets without anti-siphon float valves installed, or chemical sprayers attached to a hose.

How to Avoid Backflow?

One guaranteed method to put an end to backflow is by removing the cross-connection to the plumbing system in your home. This is not as easy as it sounds and not always a possibility. In such cases it is necessary to take other contingencies to prevent backflow.

A proposed solution by experts is to install a backflow preventer (BFP). This mechanism introduces an air gap which removes the cross connection by creating a barrier to backflow. Mechanical backflow preventers can also be used to create physical barriers.

Periodic Testing and Its Importance

The aforementioned backflow preventers have various parts including internal seats, springs and many more which are susceptible to damage or deterioration over time. While the reason why they are installed is because they prevent backflow, they cannot entirely eliminate this risk as these devices can be bypassed.

These air gaps must be periodically checked in order to ensure they maintain their correct position or in the case of physical barriers, whether they are operating as intended.

If you are experiencing any of these backflow problems, Metro Rod (Aberdeen) can help. Our experienced team of experts provide dependable and fast repairs in surrounding areas. Contact us on 01358 723731 for an inspection right away!

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