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What Are The Signs Of A Blocked Drain? Metro Rod Liverpool Will Tell You!

18th October 2019

What Are The Signs Of A Blocked Drain? Metro Rod Liverpool Will Tell You!

What Are The Signs Of A Blocked Drain


Drain problems aren’t always immediately apparent, but once the problem has built up it will quickly take its toll and become quickly obvious! That’s why you need the details of Metro Rod Liverpool, so we can get there and get things fixed, fast, when a drainage problem rears it’s ugly head.

By being aware of what’s ‘normal’ for your drains and what’s not, you can look out for the signs that drainage problems may be about to occur and take quick action once they do.

There are 3 things to look out for:

The sights.

Toilet, bath, shower or sink not draining properly? Unfortunately, this can be a sign of a drainage problem. If the blockage is a bad one, water may not be able to drain away at all! This is where Metro Rod can help. We have specialised equipment, small enough to fit around small, domestic pipework to clear all blockages. This equipment can be used internally and is fully portable, meaning no trailing wires around your home or business.

Top Tip: Your toilet can really help to show how bad the problem may be. If flushing your toilet causes water to rise in the shower, or running taps causes the water in the toilet to rise, then the issue is definitely a blocked drain and you may need Metro Rod’s help. Also, don’t forget to check external drains and manhole covers for signs of rising water.


The smells

Are you smelling bad drainage smells? If so, this is a dead giveaway for a drainage problem and one of the most obvious indicators it. You may experience the bad smell before anything visual, so if something is smelling unusually bad in or around your home it’s vital not to ignore it.


The sounds


Gurgling pipes and fixtures can be a sure sign of a blocked drain. Usually, a gurgling noise from a drain, plug hole, toilet or pipes is an early warning sign of a problem that can easily be fixed. These sounds are created when air trapped in the pipes by the blockage is pushed up through the system.


What’s the next step?

Any of the symptoms above can be a cause for concern. If you are experiencing several of the above symptoms it may be time to call your local Metro Rod office for advice or help.
Firstly, you need to ensure that this problem is yours – it’s no good paying for a problem that can be sorted by your local water board! Generally, anything on your home’s boundary is your responsibility, anything outside of this or anything shared is the responsibility of your local water board (locally, United Utilities). This graphic should assist, but if in any doubt, call them out! They can advise you better from site.


Drain Responsibility 1200x729


If the problem is yours then you need to contact Metro Rod Liverpool to help. Our office is located in Bootle but we operate throughout the wider Liverpool, Warrington, Runcorn and Widnes areas and we have all of the skills, knowledge and equipment to deal with all aspects of drainage – internal and external, above or below ground. We have equipment that can deal with the smallest bathroom pipework up to massive sewers (and of course everything in between!) – from the smallest sink to the biggest stink we can help! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you have a drainage problem then we have the solutions.


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