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What can we do for your pumps?

27th September 2019

What can we do for your pumps?

You don't see them and like any other drainage you aren't aware they are there until they stop working; but there are pump stations everywhere ranging from the large heavy duty ones found in factories, prisons and large developments to the smaller ones that keep the little country villages pumping along. utilising lots of different technologies in an effort to ensure they keep running; pump stations are a fundamental part of the UK drainage system.

Which is why we here at Metro Rod Hull, Lincolnshire and Peterborough are proud to announce the new Pump side of our business!  With our fully qualified pump engineer and brand new specifically equipped pump van we are ready to deal with any pump issues that arise ranging from servicing, repair to installation we have got you covered.

Pump Service:

We advise Bi-annual visits to look over a pump station there proficiency .  This service would include:

  • A check of all electrics
  • Lifting and inspecting the pumps
  • General site inspection
  • Full report of findings

This service will highlight any issues or foreseeable issues so we can act quickly before anything severe happens, helping to stop the need for a costly repair and replacement.

Pump repair:

There are lots of things can cause a pump to need repair, most of these issues are caused by the products that have been put through the drainage system, such as plastic, fat and grease and wet wipes!  Unfortunately these items are a common problem for all parts of the UK drainage system and especially for our pump systems, causing problems such as;

  • Float switch failure- covered in fat and grease causing them to not register, becoming stuck or trapped ect.
  • Debris blocking filter or impeller
  • Pump burn out
  • Bearing failure- (an early sign is usually excessive noise from the chamber )
  • Continually running
  • Blockages caused by wet wipes, sanitary item or other bizarre things that shouldn't be in the sewer system.
  • Electrical failure

All these issues are easily repairable if caught on time and we have the expertise and equipment to do so.  However when the issues aren't dealt with the pump will fail, along with all the other consequences of a pump station being down a replacement may now be needed.

Pump replacement:

When a pump breaks and is beyond repair , replacement is required.  we have the resources to be able to do this.  not only that but as the majority of pump systems are a submersible system which are usually situated inside an underground chamber.   To do these kinds of work you must be specialised and hold the correct accreditation e.g. Confined space entry.  Without such, this becomes a major health and safety risk, as well as the issue could worsen.

Inside the Pump Van:

Presenting our new pump van!  fit with integral office space which includes shelving and work bench with vice attached it also comes full equipped with a high pressure water jetting machine.  This impressive piece of kit is currently up and running servicing pump stations throughout Hull, Lincolnshire and Peterborough.

pump van

If your business is struggling with constant blockages, loss of facilities, flooding or smells then this could very well be a pump issue.  Get in touch now for a free site visit.  01472859895  [email protected]

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Talk to your local Metro Rod specialist

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