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What flood prevention measures can you take to mitigate the risks to your business?

22nd January 2021

What flood prevention measures can you take to mitigate the risks to your business?

Seasonal storms are known for bringing widespread flooding and excess rainfall across the UK, so it’s vital for businesses to take necessary precautions which can mitigate the impact. Not only can this help you avoid extensive damages to your building, equipment and stock but it also helps ensure you’re fully prepared to deal with any flood risk when it occurs.

What causes flooding?

Some floods are a direct result of natural causes such as heavy rainfall or overflowing rivers. Others, however, are caused by drain blockages, burst pipes or a build-up of silt in gullies. As a result, even businesses whose premises are not located near a natural watercourse are susceptible to the devastating effects of floods.

What flood prevention measures can you take?

Although there is an abundance of information available emphasising the steps you can take during and after a flood, flood prevention measures aren’t often thought about. Below are some useful hints and tips you can put in place throughout the year to help mitigate the risk of flooding in your business.

Regularly cleaning your drains

Debris from leaves and mud or grease, fat and oils often end up down the drains and reduces the drains capacity to handle excess rainfall. High-pressure water jetting is a great way to clear the drains and flush out the system. This can prevent the debris from building up and causing a blockage.

De-silt gullies 

Drainage gullies are great at removing surface water from your property or car park, but if not maintained regularly silt can build up and solidify preventing surface water from draining away. Regular de-silting the gullies will keep on top of maintenance and prevent problems in heavy rainfall.

Gutter emptying

A build-up of moss, leaves and debris can result in your gutters becoming blocked. If this happens, excess rainfall will fail to drain properly and can lead to damaged drainpipes. This can have adverse effects on the foundation of your commercial premises and potentially lead to damaged windows, doors, ceilings, and damp patches. Through regular gutter cleaning, can help prevent blockages and the risk of damage.

Drain mapping

Whilst it's not going to stop flooding, a drain map should be a vital part of your flood risk management. Knowing the layout of the drains allows you to identify where surface water should drain away and quickly know where the problem may lie and how to access it if water doesn't drain away.

Contact Metro Rod

At Metro Rod, we understand the inconvenience and damages flooding can cause to your business. Our team of over 450 local, expert engineers are here to help you mitigate the risks. If you’d like to discuss flood prevention measures for your business contact your local depot or call us on 0800 66 8800.

If a flood does occur, our fleet of tankers are available 24/7 across the UK to provide you with fast, professional and reliable flood relief services.


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