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9th July 2021


Drain lining is great repair technique that removes the need for excavating down to the drain making it less messy than the old fashioned methods.

MetroRod drain lining

Repairing drains and be worrying and expensive as we all rely on fully functioning drains every day. You may be thinking that with the majority of your drains lying under the ground a drain repair will require digging down and causing a lot of disruption to your property. Fortunately for you, Metro Rod Coventry use non-invasive techniques via drain lining. 

If you have a leaking, cracked, damaged pipe that needs a repair you’re going to want a reliable fix to avoid the problem reoccurring. At Metro Rod we use 2 primary drain lining methods to repair a drain depending on the problem and situation at hand. 

  1. Ambient Cured Lining - this is used for partial or full relining of sewers and drains to cover the defects, perfect for small sites such as a domestic property. The actual repair is done with resin which is manoeuvred into place using pressure, which then self-cures in ambient temperatures. 
  2. Heat Cured Lining - this method is more common for industrial sites and large commercial premises to line the full length of the drains and pipes. The resin in this method is installed using the inversion method. When it is in place water is heated up inside the pipe so that the curing process can start. 

What are the benefits?

The 2 main benefits of drain lining are its inexpensive and non-invasive. By no longer needing to dig down and excavate around the problem drain our engineers are able to reach the problem and perform the repair in a timely manner. This reduces the cost and disruption to your property as the lining can be inserted down into the drain from above ground. 

There can be a few occasions when a lining cannot be used to repair a drain for example in the event of a collapsed drain. In this case an excavation would be necessary to complete the repair. 


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