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What is Waste Oil, Fat and Grease Removal

4th July 2024

What is Waste Oil, Fat and Grease Removal

Waste oil, fat, and grease (FOG) removal refers to the process of collecting and disposing of these used or unwanted substances that can be generated in various industrial, commercial or residential settings.

They are all common byproducts of cooking processes in restaurants, food processing facilities, and households and if not disposed of properly, they can cause unpleasant odours, blocked drains and even pose a major fire hazard.

Here, we explain why waste FOG removal is a necessary service to invest in, regardless of the environment or setting.

Restaurants and food facilities

Restaurants and food processing facilities use large quantities of FOGs, a lot of which make their way into wastewater.

Most food establishments use grease traps to help manage their FOGs. These are plumbing devices used to capture or intercept FOGs and solid food particles before they enter the main sewer system. Grease traps allow wastewater to flow through the trap while collecting and separating the grease and solids. The separated grease then floats to the top of the trap, and the relatively cleaner water continues to flow into the sewer system.

These need to be regularly cleaned to prevent clogs and ensure proper functioning. If they are not maintained, it can lead to plumbing issues and unpleasant smells, not to mention a potential fire.


In residential properties, waste oil and grease are often generated during cooking, and improper disposal of these substances – including pouring them directly down the drain – can lead to plumbing issues and environmental problems.

FOG disposal and trap maintenance

Regardless of whether you’re managing a commercial environment or are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of multiple residential dwellings, it pays to have a plan in place to efficiently manage FOGs.

A frequent schedule of grease trap maintenance can safeguard your establishment or properties from future problems, saving time and money compared to reactive repairs when an emergency happens. Compliance with local regulations and environmental guidelines is also crucial in waste FOG removal, to ensure the protection of public health and the environment.

Engineers can create a schedule that suits your business to ensure your grease trap complies with legal standards for disposing of FOGs. Meanwhile, there are also companies which offer specialist maintenance services to regularly empty and clean grease traps, as well as install and fix them, and properly dispose of or recycle waste oil and grease.

Contact the experts

Whether you have a conventional grease trap, a grease recovery unit, an underground grease trap, or a biological dosing system, our team of engineers are able to help you with your FOG management needs and help keep your system in working order. If you suspect you already have a blocked drain, it is crucial to get an expert to inspect it as quickly as possible.

Metro Rod offers a full spectrum of FOG management services, and we are available 24/7 every day of the year. We offer fast and effective repair services to ensure your commercial or domestic kitchen isn’t disrupted. So, no matter what grease trap services you need, call us on 0800 66 88 00.

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