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14th January 2021


Fatbergs are the cause of many blocked drains, so knowing what they are is key to keeping them from occurring in your drains.

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All over the country people have to deal with blocked drains for a number of reasons, and a leading one is fatbergs. They are made up of congealed fat, grease and other gunk that has made it’s way into your drains. It is made worse when things like wet wipes and cotton wool is flushed down the drain as they are not biodegradable. These materials build up with the other scum in your pipes creating large masses that constrict the flow of water in your drains. Fatbergs have been known to get really big and hard, to the point where you might need a professional to remove it. Luckily for you, Metro Rod Glasgow are the professionals you need to remove such a blockage. 

How can you avoid fatbergs? 

  1. No cooking oils, fats and grease

Do not pour any cooking oil, fat or grease down the sink, even though they are liquid after cooking this will change as they cool down in your drains. They will eventually cool and solidify leaving you with a mass somewhere in your drains. You should let the cool down first and then throw they away in the bin. 

  1. Kitchen paper towels and wet wipes

You should never flush kitchen towels and wet wipes as they are non-biodegradable and won’t dissolve in the water. In the pipes they can attach to the uneven pipes and already formed fatbergs, thus making the situation worse. It’s best to dispose of these things by just throwing them in the bin. 

  1. Bits of food

When we wash our plates and cooking utensils often we will be washing small bits of left over food down the sink as well, this adds to blockages as food like bread, pasta and rice will absorb water and then expand. Other common culprits include eggshell and ground coffee which also won’t dissolve in our drains and instead just cause problems.


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