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Wipes in Pipes

7th June 2019

Wipes in Pipes

Recently there have been many news stories about wet wipes and how they are blocking up our drains.Wet Wipes In London Drain

We have had many a job where the cause of the blockage is caused by the build-up of wet wipes. Millions are sold as makeup removers, toilet wipes, baby wipes and disinfectant cleaning wipes.

Wet wipes made up more than 90% of the material causing sewer blockages? that Water UK investigated in 2017.  As well as causing trouble for our drainage waste system wipes can also end up in our oceans and cause long term damage for our marine life.18.04.19 Wetwipes

The report from Water UK states there are approximately 300,000 sewer blockages every year, costing the country £100m, money which Water UK says could be taken off bills or spent on improving services.

Wet wipes contain plastic resins which are never fully biodegradable, they break into tiny pieces releasing countless microscopic fibres into the environment.  The wipes clog drains, septic tanks and public sewer systems. August last year 2018 more than 5,000 wet wipes were found in one single area of the Thames near the Hammersmith Bridge, Thames21 stated that this is the highest number of wet wipes ever found in a single place.

Laura Foster, the head of clean seas at the Marine Conservation Society, said: “In 2018, during our annual Great British Beach Clean and survey, we found on average 12 wet wipes per 100 metres of beach cleaned – an increase of more than 300% over the past decade. We want a simple system where a product is either clearly labelled as ‘do not flush’ or has passed the ‘fine to flush’ standard.” Wetwipes Hammersmith16

High street shops have started to take action with Holland & Barrett removing all 34 products in the wet wipe range from their 800 stores replacing them with sustainable alternatives. With The Body Shop have joined them in announcing that they are discontinuing its face wipes.

Wet wipes are not flushable, the general rule is don't flush, bin it!

We should only ever be putting the three Ps down the toilet... Pee, Paper and Poo.


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