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Manholes – Artistic yet Functional | Metro Rod Deeside North Wales

22nd January 2019

Manholes – Artistic yet Functional | Metro Rod Deeside North Wales

Manholes; we’re all pretty familiar with the metal coverings that appear on our streets every day. We often neglect to look at them as the cast iron covers can tend to be a bit plain, and well, boring! These are the types you’ll probably find on most streets in the UK;


Manhole Found on Wirral

Manhole Found on Wirral

Manhole found in Bewts Y Coed

Manhole Found in Betws Y Coed


Not too exciting to look at! Manhole covers tend to be something we over look as they are simply made to be functional. They’re used by us at Metro Rod and across the drainage industry as access routes into the drainage and sewer systems below. Should our engineers to access these drainage pipes, manholes are lifted using specialist ‘keys’ so we can use High-Pressured Jetting equipment or rods to unblock them. You may even find an engineer needs to be lowered into one on occasion using specialist Confined Space equipment!

We come across manholes daily. From small domestic properties to large businesses, they really are everywhere. And I'm sure we all played the 'three grids' game as children. (Don't walk on three grids, it's bad luck! Whoever came up with that idea?!)





However, upon scrolling through Pinterest one evening, we happened across some pieces of artwork from Japan. But these are no ordinary pieces of art. These are manhole covers!


I mean….







Just look!







The colours!








Simply Stunning!


We think there should be more manhole covers like this in the UK! Whilst we’ve heard of intricately designed covers in our nation's capital and big cities such as these ones;

Manhole Cover - Camden Town - London

Manhole Cover - Camden Town - London



Manhole Cover - Notting Hill Gate - London

Manhole Cover - Notting Hill Gate - London


We’re yet to find any this artistic in our area of North Wales, have you come across any? Let us know and tag us in your photos on social media using the tag #MRDManholeArt and don’t forget to tag us as well, our social media links can be found below!


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