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Metro Rod LOVE Your Drains!

14th February 2019

Metro Rod LOVE Your Drains!



I'm sure that the fact that it's Valentines Day today has not escaped anyone.  Hearts and flowers have been adorning the windows of all of the card shops and florists for a few weeks now and there is a definite feeling of love in the air.  However, if your home or business is not filled with the smell of roses or lilies and instead is filled with a much more undesirable smell - LIKE THAT OF BLOCKED UP DRAINS - Metro Rod are here to help!


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According to History.com the 14th February was the day that Valentine (later to become known as St Valentine) was executed.  Now Metro Rod don't deal with these sort of things but we can deal with many unsightly situations in the home or business, from blocked drains, blocked toilets and blocked sinks, dealing with bad smells, sorting out overflowing gullies, clearing out gutters and downpipes.


Today has been no different, we have attended to many jobs this morning already and have many more booked in this afternoon and this evening.  These jobs include;

  • Investigations on the drains of a domestic property in Southport who have been experiencing bad smells in their kitchen for the past 3 weeks.
  • CCTV Survey  of a new build site in Warrington to make sure that the drains are all free flowing before home owners move in.
  • Unblocking the toilet of a local housing authority owned home in Skelmersdale.  It is thought that the tenants child has been flushing down their doll's clothes!
  • Carrying out Gutter Cleaning on a hotel in Liverpool so any downpours will be contained within the gutters and go into the downpipe, rather than overflowing.


It's a good job that our engineers love their jobs!


Jenny Schofield, Business Development Manager of Metro Rod Liverpool said that "We just love what we do - customers call us and sometimes they are distressed as drainage problems can cause problems to them at their business premises or their home and it's then our job to reassure them and make their problems disappear.  We often get people calling up just not knowing what to do and within 2 or 3 hours they are calling back full of gratitude and happy again - you just can't beat that feeling!"


So, if you have any drainage problems that you need a professional or reliable drainage company to deal with then call Metro Rod Liverpool.  We operate throughout Liverpool, Warrington, Runcorn, Widnes, St Helens, Southport, Skelmersdale or Ormskirk then we're here for you.  We operate genuinely 24/7 and all calls to our direct number (0151 909 2807) are answered directly by an on call manager who can start diagnosing any problems, book in a visit and start to put your mind at ease immediately.  Our team have masses of experience between them and we will always find the solution to your drainage problem.


So, get in touch with us, we would LOVE to hear from you!


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