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Proud to be Dementia and Autism aware

7th September 2019

Proud to be Dementia and Autism aware

At Metro Rod Hull, Lincolnshire and Peterborough we work for a range of clients, including NHS sites, schools and domestic properties.  We know how daunting it can be when drainage and plumbing problems occur,  water going everywhere and no idea how to fix it,  this level of anxiousness then being compounded by dementia or autism can become one the most stressful situations you can come across. This is why we have made a conscious effort to make sure all our staff office and engineers are officially Autism and Dementia aware.  We are here to fix the problem and put your worries at rest throughout the whole process from over the hone speaking to the office, to when the engineers is in attendance.

Autism and Dementia  Aware

Both conditions take over  such a broad subject,  with the spectrum's being absolutely massive sometimes signs go unnoticed and as with any condition of this kind there is nothing physically noticeable.  This is why it is so important that we are educated on these conditions so we are able to pick these signs up and act accordingly.

Autism The BIG 4

1.People with Autism often require extra time to process information like questions or instructions-

Our office are aware of this and we make a conscious effort to not baffle anyone with science and make all questions or requests as simple as possible and to re-phrase or write down and do what is needed so that our clients understand what is going on at all times

2. Social situations can cause the feeling of intense anxiety- 

This coupled with a drainage or plumbing issue and a stranger entering their environment can cause people serious problems.  This si why we make sure we call to let our customers know when e are on the way and let them know which engineer is coming.  We are also happy to re-arrange appointments for when is suitable for our customers at any point.

3.Autistic people can feel anxious when it comes to, unexpected changes such as delays and cancellations-

 Unfortunately with the best will in the world cancellations and delays happen, however we make sure that our customers are kept up to date at all times and are given the most notice possible if the days plan looks like it is going aerie.

4.Noise , Smell and bright lights can be painful and distressing fro people with Autism-  

We know that in a stressful time, sensory overload is a very real with anyone let along those with Autism.  That's why we make sure our engineers are fully aware of themselves and the impact they have, by keeping their voices low, ensuring they do not speak over people and being generally respectful of the customer and the environment they are in.

Dementia Aware:

When it comes to dementia what you first must be aware of is that this is not a natural stage of ageing, dementia is a disease of the brain that does not just affect memory loss but a whole host of other components such as;

1. Difficulty concentrating -

We ensure that our engineers and office staff know how to make the technical details easier to swallow and get the work done as quickly as possible, so the least concentration is needed from our customers.  It's our job to worry about your drainage not yours.

2. Problems with planning and thinking things through - 

Again our engineers know that issues with drainage and plumbing can confuse anyone let alone people suffering with dementia,  thats why we try and break things down as simply as possible.  We do the planning for our customers and will work throughout plan with them in as many different formats and as many different dialogues as needed so that our clients are fully informed and comfortable with works going forward.

3. Trouble communicating - 

People suffering with dementia can find it hard to communicate,  this can be anything from struggling with language,  difficulty expressing how they feel or simply struggling to remember a certain word.  either way we ensure that our engineers are trained to deal with this. Our engineers and office staff know to give someone time to think what they are trying to say, help them work it out and stay patient. 

4. Changes in mood and difficulty controlling emotions -

Our engineers and office staff know that emotions can easily get the better of anyone when in a stressful situation especially those who have dementia.  We know to keep calm in al situations and make sure that our clients know that we are there to help them.

 Our engineers are trained to be dementia aware, that means they can pick up the signs and are able to act accordingly.  We believe this is essential to our business to have staff who know what to do and how to behave in these situations because we want people to feel safe and comfortable when we arrive, so please don't hesitate if you have a drainage, pump or plumbing problem, don't suffer in silence, get in contact with us now so we can help.

If  Dementia or Autism are playing a part in your life somehow then please have a look at the links, which will give you all the information you need, to find the right support.



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