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What was blocking this tenant’s toilet?!

20th June 2018

What was blocking this tenant’s toilet?!

Metro Rod come to the rescue to fix a Liverpool blocked toilet!

When the tenant of one of Liverpool's housing association properties asked the question "What can be causing blocked toilet?" they didn't realise that they had already answered their own question!

The housing association immediately called us here at Metro Rod, as they have done with any drainage problems that they have encountered on any of their properties in the last five years;  they knew that Metro Rod would be at the property rapidly and that the engineers are tenacious and would not leave the property until the problem was resolved.  Metro Rod  Liverpool attended that very afternoon to look at the problem.

Andy Cafferty, Senior Engineer, who attended site said "When we got to site the blockage just wouldn't clear through the 'normal' drain clearing methods that we use (plunger, Electro Mechanical Cleaning (EMC) and using portable jetting equipment), so we made the decision to remove the toilet to try and get a better idea of what was going on.  You can't imagine how shocked I was to find beer cans and a razor had somehow been pushed around the u-bend!  We quickly removed the obstructions, used our CCTV equipment to check the line for any further blockages, of which there were none and then replaced the toilet back in place and cleaned the area down for the tenant."

Andy added "We have found all sorts to be causing blocked toilets in the past, from money, jewellery, toys, wet wipes, rags, underwear and fruit but this really had to be a first for the Merseyside team, I wonder if we can ever top this one!"

We are sure here in Metro Rod Liverpool that most people are aware of what can and can't be flushed down a toilet.  The general rule is that the only items to be flushed should be the '3 P's'

  • Pee
  • Poo
  • (Toilet) Paper.

There is a short, fun video that was produced by United Utilities a few years ago perfectly outlines this!  To watch it please click here.


Beer Can In Loo 2 Beer Can In Loo

Metro Rod deal with a massive variety of drainage problems every day across Liverpool, Warrington, Southport, St Helens, Widnes, Runcorn and the surrounding areas.  From blocked toilets, blocked pipes, blocked sinks, investigating bad smells, clearing blocked gutters and downpipes and of course drainage investigations and CCTV surveys, we have the skilled engineers and all of the equipment to deal with any problem that our customers present us with.  We are also experts in no-dig repairs which means that damaged pipe work can be renewed in-situ without the hassle and cost of an excavation.


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