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17th March 2020


March 11th marked the 10th anniversary of World Plumbing Day which the World Plumbing Council initiated to create a yearly discussion over the advancements in plumbing and how we can make it universal to communities across the world.

The council each year holds seminars and activities that aim to create new networks of people to find new innovative techniques and technology within plumbing. By doing this they can help ensure that plumbers do the bet they can when it comes to sanitation and access to safe water. 

Over the years there have been a number of new and interesting plumbing inventions;

  • Dual flush toilet - invented by Bruce Thompson in 1980 during a drought in Australia in order to save water. The flush now uses as little as 3 litres on a half flush and 4.5 litres on a full flush.
  • Hot water Solar Panels - using solar panels to heat your water is not only great for the environment, as there is no need for fossil fuels, but also great for your wallet as harnessing the suns power is free once you have the panels in place. 
  • The Plumbing ‘Trap’ - another useful discovery, the trap is the ‘U’, ’S’, or ‘J’ shaped pipe bend within a plumbing fixture such as under the sink. The bend is deigned to always hold a little amount of water so that it can prevent sewage odours, gases and vermin entering the home.

Acknowledging how important plumbing is to our daily lives and by celebrating World Plumbing Day we can help spread awareness to the fact that billions of people across the world do not have access to clean water and good sanitation. There are a number of ways to celebrate the day for example;

    1. Put up posters to draw awareness to the fact that so many people don’t have toilets and clean water
    2. Share experiences from when you needed plumbing work done to show how much it can affect your day to day life
    3. Support charities like  Toilet Twinning charity organisation, who bring flushing toilets to deprived communities
    4. Help create a more sustainable environment within plumbing, such as taking shorter showers, a 4 minute shower now can use as little as 24 litres of water

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