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CCTV Drain Surveys & Sewer Inspection in Carlisle, Dumfries and Lancaster

8th August 2019

CCTV Drain Surveys & Sewer Inspection in Carlisle, Dumfries and Lancaster

Sewer Inspection

Metro Rod Cumbria experts in CCTV Drain Surveys & Sewer Inspection 

Our skilled engineers & advanced technology makes it easy to inspect chambers, manholes, sewers, tanks and vessels to identify any decay or structural defects.

Carrying out CCTV Drain Surveys to a high standard & quality makes it easy for our clients to interpret clearly. We inspect, record & produce reports live on site.

How could a CCTV Drain Survey benefit you?

Home Buyers Survey - A general house survey is part of the purchasing process, with many mortgage providers & insurers requiring a full surveyor’s report before they agree to get involved.

CCTV drain surveys are recommended as they help to reveal common problems with drains and pipes, including:

  • fractured, cracked, or leaky pipes
  • evidence of blockages and backed-up sewage
  • root intrusions into the piping system
  • collapsed underground pipework

Vendor -
On the other hand, if you are selling your property, you won’t want to be delayed by damaged drains being discovered during your purchaser survey. If your drainage issues aren’t fixed, you may be forced to sell your property at a lower price or you may be forced to repair these defects at your cost with little notice. In the worst case, the purchaser may even withdraw their offer.

Purchaser - You require the peace of mind that your dream home is not going to reveal any unexpected problems. The last thing you need is having to fork out money to repair damaged drains when you have already pushed yourself financially. In modern times and with general tightening of insurance policy schedules, it’s not often that your insurance company will pick up the tab in a new home if your drainage issue is an inherited problem, especially in the absence of a survey.

Build Over Survey - Build over surveys are carried out before and after building work. Are you planning an extension? If you are looking for an extension or conservatory on your existing property, the local water authority is going to insist that you carry out a CCTV survey if you are building over or near their assets.

This ensures that:

  • There are no defects on the drains that will be concealed by the extension.
  • That any defects are identified and repaired prior to or during building works.
  • That building works do not cause any damage to the asset short or long term.

Large Diameter Survey -
Metro Rod Cumbria has a wide variety of the latest CCTV camera units, and we survey larger drainers using crawler units which can provide a panoramic view of the drain condition. Surveys are carried out to the latest 5th edition of the WRC Manual of Sewer Condition and Classification, which is the industry standard.

We produce a professional report which reassures potential buyers that the drainage is free from faults and defects.

If you would like any more information on CCTV Drain Surveys or Sewer Inspection contact us using the details below.

Sewer Inspection


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