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Dorset’s Giant Sink Hole

10th May 2019

Dorset’s Giant Sink Hole

We've seen plenty of collapsed drains and blocked sinks in our many years of fixing the drains of Dorset, but we've never experienced anything quite like the giant sink hole that has appeared in county, and appears to be from the last ice-age.

The Dorset Council took safety precautions following the discovery of a small hole around the size of a dinner plate that turned into "a chasm of unknown depth".

The initial hole appeared in February and within a few months, beneath the hole, they found a chasm that has the potential to be up to 30 metres wide and 15 metres deep

Dorset Council’s Ranger Team along with a team of geologists have carried out an investigation into the hole near the Inland Coast Path on Bronkham Hill, West Dorset and due to the scale of the hole have placed barriers around the site.

Sink holes are very rare in the county of Dorset, but have occurred in the past at Bronkham Hill in the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), which is north-east of Potersham 

They occur naturally when the surface layer of land collapses into ancient hollows formed during the last ice age.  This sink hole is believed to have been caused during the last major glacial period where meltwater dissolved the rocks below.

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