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Gutter Cleaning in Carlisle, Dumfries & Lancaster

13th August 2019

Gutter Cleaning in Carlisle, Dumfries & Lancaster

Gutter Cleaning Carlisle
Metro Rod Cumbria doesn't just unblock drains! 

We offer many services including Gutter Cleaning to the homes & businesses of Carlisle, Dumfries, Lancaster & all of the little towns & villages in between!

Gutter Cleaning can make a huge difference to your home or business as it can help prevent blockages which could cause flooding, expensive repairs & time consuming clean ups. With our innovative Metro Vac system our expert engineers are able to reach up to 10 meters high without the need for expensive scaffolding or wobbly ladders!

Our gutter cleaning system allows us to reach difficult areas from ground level to avoid the risk of anyone being hurt. An industrial grade wet vacuum cleaner is attached to the poles which will easily lift moss, leaves and debris from the gutters.

A camera mounted on the top of the pole sends real time video to a monitor viewed by the operator. This allows our engineers to precision clean and process large amounts of guttering quickly, safely and efficiently.

Working at a height is one of the biggest risks in industrial fatality rates and therefore Metro Vac provides a much safer alternative.

Why use Metro Vac?

  • Cost Effective - Reduces the requirement for expensive access equipment
  • No Mess - Sucks gutters clean using wet & dry vacuum
  • Perfect for hard to reach areas such as over atrium's
  • Reduces Risk - minimises the need to work at a height
  • Precision Cleaning - On-board cameras operated by skilled and professional engineers

How blocked gutters can cause damage to your home:

Your roof will begin to leak

The first sign of clogged gutters is a roof that just won't stop leaking. When the rain gutters are not able to serve their purpose, water will sit on top of your roof until it becomes too heavy to deal with. As this happens, you'll notice water dripping from your ceiling. The leaks will get worse until you get rid of the standing water and clear your gutters.

Mold & water damage will accumulate

It's only a matter of time before standing water turns into mold. Aside from the price you will have to pay to get rid of mold, it's also very damaging to your health if you come in contact with it. Mold is known to make allergies worse and can create skin irritation. Sitting water will also wear away at the wood of your household. The wood will begin to get soggy and rot. If left long enough, your home structure could begin to deteriorate, requiring extensive repairs.

With Autumn fast approaching now is the best time to have your gutters cleaned! Contact us on the below details if you would like Metro Rod Cumbria to take care of cleaning your gutters for you.

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