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Replacing Or Repairing Manhole Covers

4th July 2018

Replacing Or Repairing Manhole Covers

Spotted A Damaged Manhole Cover?

Broken or damaged manhole covers are not only unsightly but pose a safety risk. They can also lead to damage to the drains they are designed to protect.

If you spot a problem with a manhole cover on your property what should you do? How do you get a replacement manhole cover installed?

Establish Who Is Responsible For The Manhole

If the damaged cover is on a drain that’s inside your boundary and serves only your property, you will be responsible for its maintenance.  If it is a cover for a sewer pipe outside of your boundary, on a pavement, road or footpath it will be the responsibility of your local water authority.

Consider Repair Options

A DIY fix is doable by some.  However, manhole covers need to be repaired properly to provide protection to pipework and comply with safety and load bearing regulations.  Cornwall’s Metro Rod are industry leaders in drain repairs and have extensive knowledge in manhole replacement, repair and construction.  We offer a complete fix service removing damaged covers, safely protecting exposed areas, removing and re-building benching (the framework) and installing a new fully compliant cover.

For more information just give our Truro office a call and we will be happy to help.

Manhole Repair

Talk to you local metrorod specialist

Talk to your local Metro Rod specialist

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