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The weird and the wonderful, all the best bits from the City of Culture itself.

1st October 2018

The weird and the wonderful,  all the best bits from the City of Culture itself.

007humberbridgeHull!  One of the pinnacle cities of the UK widely known for the vibrancy of it's residence and the extraordinary feet of engineering which brought us the Humber Bridge.

Most Recently labelled as the City of culture Hull is truly a brilliant place to be; with university students flocking to it in there hundreds for a chance to study and live there every year.

But what made this city the landmark that it is today?

Hull wasn't always the thriving bustling city that it is today! Originally founded in the late 12th century by the monks of Meux Abbey as a port for the wool from their estates to be exported.  It was only first mentioned in the history books in 1193 and was referred to as Wyke on Hull.


It became more well known in 1279 when it was granted the right to hold a market and fair which was held once a year and lasted a several days.   People would come from all over the Northeast  to buy and sell there. This has now become one of the largest fairs in Europe and still held every October.

From then on Hull was on the map, so here's a quick time line and fact file:

    • 1293 King Edward 1 renames it Kingston on Hull
    • People in Hull are called 'Hullensians'
    • 1642 Kings Charles 1 is refused entry to Hull as royalists attempt a siege but fail.
    • Hull is the birth place of the boiled sweet, Lemsip, Bonjela and Gaviscon.
    • 1759 William Wilberforce (The man who led the anti salve campaign in Britain) was born
    • Hull's Humber port is the largest port complex in the UK, handling over 90 million tonnes of cargo and over 1 million passengers.
    • 1954 Hull university was founded
    • 1981 Humber bridge opens- once deemed as the 8th wonder of the world,  the Humber was the longest bridge at 1.4miles  long.  Taking 9 years to build there is enough cable in the bridge to go round the earth twice .. (nearly)
    • The George Hotel in Hull has the smallest window in England 
    • The Deep in Hull is the worlds only Submarium- meaning that it is partly submerged by the water that surrounds it. 
    • 2017 Hull was named the City of Culture 
    • 2017 Hull played host to Radio Ones big weekend 


Hull Fair

So to summarise, Yorkshires Waterfront city is definitely one to keep an eye on and with many new buildings and ideas being put into play throughout Hull for the next few years. we are definitely not slowing down anytime soon!


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