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Bristol Case Study: How your drainage system can help prevent environmental damage

5th May 2022

Bristol Case Study: How your drainage system can help prevent environmental damage

Customer problem: Concerned about the environmental damage from the waste they were producing and wanted to explore the options available.  

The solution and fix: The best solution for the customer was to fit an underground combined waste water grease trap and debris trap  

Outcome: The customer was very happy with the outcome of the works carried out and was surprised that this was only the first time Metro Rod Bristol had undertaken this type of installation. The trap was fitted and gave the customer a solution that minimises their environmental damage for waste water. 

The details of the job: Metro Rod Bristol were contacted by Location One, a TV & Film equipment hire company, to install an underground combined waste water grease trap and debris trap.  Location One are committed to environmental issues and sustainability and wanted to reduce their impact on the environment by preventing water contamination. After previously having similar work completed by Metro Rod Manchester, they wanted to use Metro Rod Bristol for another of their sites in Avonmouth. 

Tony Chorley, an engineer for Metro Rod Bristol, was assigned the job; and even though he had never completed work like this before, he was keen to help the customer and to expand his skillset simultaneously. Before starting the work, he contacted Metro Rod Manchester to get all the information he needed to complete the job safely and to a high standard. Tony used this information to provide a quote to Location One before any work was undertaken. 

Once accepted, Tony and another engineer spent 8 days fitting the traps, to ensure Location One had all the drainage solutions implemented that they needed. This work was overseen by Chris Nelson, our Senior Technical Support Manager, who found that everything was completed to the highest standard and in an efficient manner.  

Location One were amazed with the quality of work completed, especially when learning that it was the engineers first time completing this specific work. As a result of this installation, they no longer have to worry about their waste water contaminating the local environment. This has given them peace of mind that they can continue to work as normal without having to worry about their drainage. 

For more information on reducing your environmental impact or installing grease traps, contact Metro Rod Bristol on 01225 344511. 

Testimonial: “As part of Location One’s commitment to environmental issues and sustainability whilst supplying location hire equipment to the TV & Film industry we required a company to install a waste water grease and debris trap. Metro Rod Bristol were a brilliant company to deal with from the initial contact through to completion of works. The onsite team led by Tony were fantastic and completely understood and facilitated our need to remain operational throughout the sizable installation. Excellent standard of works and communication are the reason I would recommend Metro Rod to anyone requiring drain or plumbing expertise.” 

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