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Case Study

Education Sector Case Study – The mystery of the hidden septic tank!

A local school called Metro Rod Cambridge to attend to a severe blockage in the toilet drains. The school was at the point of having to shut down due to the extent of the blockage. The engineers called out to this job realised that there was an extensive problem because of the nature of the blockage.

Due to his extensive experience, one of the engineers that attended the school, expertly traced the run of drains discovering that there was a hidden septic tank! The septic tank itself was completely blocked, with foul so thick that it took 3 visits to completely clear with the Combination Tanker to clean, remove waste and restore the working order of the tank. The whole run of drains was high pressure water jetted, cleaned and the flow restored.

The school’s caretaker had no idea that this tank existed and was extremely impressed with our engineers who effectively and cleanly got rid of the all of the waste. He was thrilled that the school did not have to close down as a result of the blockage. As a result, the Caretaker has put into place a Pre-Planned Maintenance Plan to de-scale the urinals, high pressure water jet the drains and empty the septic tank every 6 months at each of the 3 schools. This will mean that problems will be kept to a minimum and the school can operate as normal at all times.

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