When personally facing a drainage issue such as a blocked drain, it’s always good to know where you stand. Whether it’s a slow draining outlet such as sink or bath, or a fully blocked drain leaving internal or external systems backing up, Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield have you covered.


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At Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield, it isn’t uncommon for us to be called out to a blocked drain that isn’t the homeowners responsibility. Typically, when the blockage lies outside of the property boundary, it becomes the responsibility of the local water authority as it lies within their jurisdiction. Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield wish to educate and advise you on what is and what isn’t your responsibility when it comes to blocked drains.


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So; where does the boundary lie?


Drains that run waste water directly away from your home lie within the boundary. This means that should you face a blocked drain here, it is your responsibility to have it cleared. Much like how general domestic maintenance inside your home or in your garden is your responsibility; blocked drains inside the boundary are for you to rectify.

Any drain blockage outside of the boundary, such as in the public sewer, or in a system leading to that (outside of the boundary), is the responsibility of the local water authority.

However, there is a slight exception to the blocked drain responsibility rule. The lateral drain. This is part of your private drain that actually runs outside of the boundary. Although it is outside of the boundary, it still only serves your property. Despite this, if the lateral drain is blocked, as it is outside of the boundary, your local water authority is responsible for the blockage.


Report a public blockage!


If you notice a blocked drain and are almost certain it lies outside of your jurisdiction, get in touch with your local water authority. They will provide an engineer that will not incur any costs to you. However, if you call Metro Rod Manchester and Macclesfield out to your property to clear a blocked drain and we discover that the problem lies outside of your property boundary, we will call the local water authority on your behalf and provide you with a job reference number given by them.


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