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Rats are a common problem in drains.  We can stop rats getting into drains and solve your drainage problems.  Where there are cracks or defects in a pipe vermin can enter and start causing havoc under the building.  Metro Rod Bristol will diagnose the problem firstly with a CCTV drain survey, once the defects are found we can repair using the “no dig” option of patching or lining and then fit rat blockers, seen here firmly in place to stop any further vermin intrusion.  These rat blockers are easy to install and come in various sizes to fit regular drain diameters – 4″, 6″ and 9″.  Once in place the drains can flow normally including all waste but vermin can not get up into the drain due to the non return flaps.  We can arrange to check the rat blockers on a yearly basis to ensure continued protection.  Metro Rod Bristol have installed rat blockers with great success in drains at commercial sites in Trowbridge and Bath recently and will be fitting one in an old Victorian house in Bristol next week.