Bluewater Shopping Centre

Metro Rod has established a strong reputation for drain care and repair in South East London. The area includes some of London’s largest shopping centres as part of a vibrant retail scene; for example The Glades in Bromley, Broadway Bexleyheath, The Priory Dartford and the huge Bluewater complex close to the Dartford crossing. Metro Rod supports retailers with speedy response to deal with any drainage problem night or day. Our highly trained engineers understand the importance of minimising disruption to trade for both retailers and customers alike. Our services include simple clearance of a blocked drain or blocked toilet through to more complex drain repairs whether by excavation or using no-dig repair techniques. Of course prevention is better than cure and a pre-planned maintenance programme from Metro Rod can give our retail customers peace of mind and avoid unexpected drainage issues.

“Please contact us at any time to talk about how we can support your business. We are committed to supporting retailers and the businesses and residents of South East London”

Trevor Wightman, Owner, Metro Rod London South East