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Metro Coatings is a range of specialist coatings systems for the rehabilitation, repair and permanent protection of a range of structures.

Metro Coatings is a range of specialist coatings systems for the rehabilitation, repair and permanent protection of a range of structure, that enable us to offer the best tailored solution for almost any coating scenario. We give a 25 year guarantee and have a 100% success rate!

The Metro Coatings system has been successfully used for more than 20 years, providing protective coatings and extending the life of a vast number of structures, in a wide range of industries across the world.

Systems can be specified for jobs that may demand one or several of the following characteristics; high chemical resistance, waterproofing, tanking, flexibility, structural reinforcing, difficult substrates, high ground water pressure, petroleum product resistant, impact resistant, wear resistant.

We have chosen coating systems that give us a portfolio of no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or solvents, environmentally friendly, very effective and reliable coating systems. Systems and a service that is backed up with excellent technical support from the manufacturers and support the excellent reputation of Metro Rod.

What is the Metro Coatings Tanking Process?

Step 1 – Preparation

Proper surface preparation is essential to ensure effective adhesion to the structure you are coating.

The good news is that our coatings require no primer and it has excellent bonding to damp substrates.

With correct surface preparation, our range of coatings offer outstanding adhesion to virtually any surfaces, with the exception of polyethylene and polypropylenes.

Surface preparation is simple – we will clean and abrade the surface, remove previous coatings and any oil, grease or algae growth.

Step 2 – Application

Our standard equipment can deliver the material up to 100 metres away from the vehicle housing the delivery system and greater distances can be accommodated with other kit options.

Our coatings are applied using a patented plural component spray system, which mixes the resin and disperses it through an airless spray hose.

Coating thickness recommendations depend on the service environment and the condition of the substrate to be coated. In general, a thickness of between 3mm and 6mm will be applied in a single coat. Exact specifications are subject to your own project’s requirements and a site inspection.

Our coatings are only applied by fully trained technicians, who have completed our training programme and are licensed and independently audited.

Step 3 – Curing

The ambient temperature and the temperature of the surface to which the coatings are being applied greatly affect the curing time.  The higher the temperature, the faster the coating will cure.

Being exothermic, the thickness of the coating should also be considered – thicker coatings will cure more quickly.

For many projects, the asset can be returned to service after the material has set – usually within 2-4 hours.  However, for more aggressive chemicals, a 24 hour cure time may be required. We will assess your project and the expected curing time needed when we discuss your project with you.

Step 4 – Inspection

After the coating has set (usually 2-4 hours), it is recommended that thickness tests and holiday detection (checking for breaks and pinholes) are performed.

Small imperfections can be corrected by hand by applying additional coatings to the affected area.

In addition, it is recommended that a bond strength test is performed to EN1542/ASTM D 4541, 24 hours after applying the coating.

This allows us to make sure the product has bonded correctly. Independent tests by IKT (Institute for Underground Infrastructure based in Germany), the American Navy and others concluded that the average bond strength to concrete is 250-300 psi.

*In hydrostatic pressure tests carried out by Watkins Haggart Structural Engineering Lab, our coatings withstood over 400 psi / 2.6 bar. Our coatings systems have been subjected to many independent tests. Please refer to our technical sheets for further information.

Types of Coating


This is a 100% Solids no VOCs Epoxy Coating System, developed in the US in 1992 by Warren Environment Inc.

It has been independently tested and accredited throughout the world and can only be applied by trained and licensed applicators that are constantly audited to maintain quality.

Where would you use it?

It is a superb product, suitable for many applications, including:

  • Bunds
  • Tanking
  • Manholes
  • Reservoirs
  • Brick Tunnels
  • Settlement Tanks
  • Pumping Chambers


SPI pure Polyurea

This is a 100% Solids no VOCs Coating System which was developed in the US in 1974 by SPI Industries Ltd. SPI are a global market leader and innovator in manufacturing elastomeric Polyurea coatings.

Like Ultracoat, it can only be applied by fully trained and licensed applicators and is independently tested and accredited, and it is tough, flexible and hardwearing with formulations to suit any type of environment.

Where would you use it?

  • Bunds
  • Tanking
  • Manholes
  • Reservoirs
  • Asbestos Roofs
  • Settlement Tanks
  • Pumping Chambers
  • High wear or traffic areas.
  • Boat hulls, dump truck bodies
  • Roofing and flooring projects


Expert advice

It’s important to remember that each project is different, with different requirements. We will visit your site to evaluate the job and discuss the process with you.

If you think that a structure in your project may benefit from a specialist coating, call Metro Rod today on 0800 66 88 00 for expert advice.

We can arrange to visit you on site to carry out an initial survey to determine if our products are suitable for your project. We can then discuss the application of the coatings and your particular requirements.

We provide a professional, efficient and effective solution that is also cost-effective in the long run. It really is a matter of getting what you pay for – guaranteed success in solving your problem and an extended life span for your structure.

More Information

If you would like to find out more, head to Find Your Local Service Centre and give your local office a call or an email and they will be happy to discuss the needs of your site. We are always happy to arrange a free site assessment and no obligation quotations for any work you might need. Alternatively you can call our emergency helpline on 0800 66 88 00.

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