Our first official Day of Autumn is less than a month away (the fall equinox arrives on Sept. 22) and we’re soon to be waving good bye to summer!

With Autumn coming round the corner, so comes colder, darker nights and cooler days. The leaves will soon be changing and falling. The rain will soon be gracing us again. And so now is the time to think about exactly what this kind of weather means for your home and business and how to prepare for it!


Gutter Maintenance

With the mixed weather we’ve had over summer, chances are you’re guttering may be in need of a pre-autumn clean before the weather brings falling leaves, winds and rain to the UK once again.

Build up of debris in your gutters can cause all sorts of issues;

  • Water Ingress – when leaves, general dust and earth get picked up by the wind and dropped into your guttering, they can build up and block Rain Water Pipes (RWPs). Once the rain arrives, these gutters overflow and can cause water to cascade over them. This can cause immense damage to the structure of your building. Water ingress into walls and roofs can cause damp, mould and even in some cases a weakening of the structure itself.
  • Cracking in Pipes – With build up of debris and the added rain water to hold on to, your gutters sometimes hold up a lot of weight, particularly if they’re blocked! All this added weight causes stress on the plastic, causing it to crack. You will then have the expense of replacing large sections of guttering!

All of the above is why we, at Metro Rod Deeside, offer you a stress free solution to cleaning out your guttering. Through the use of our Metro Vac system, we are able to clear gutter from round level using our specialist equipment. This negate the use of access equipment such as scaffolding or high access lifts such as cherry pickers, thus, bringing your costs down!*

Metro Vac - Our ground level gutter clearing solution!

Metro Vac – Our ground level gutter clearing solution!

Gully Maintenance

Much like your guttering, your gullies on your property are at the peril of the weather. Particularly wind and rain. Wind picks up debris, and when the rain arrives, the debris is washed into gullies and can cause blockages. Other issues gullies face are due to misuse. When kitchen waste pipes run into gullies, if you don’t take care with what you’re putting down them, this can lead to further blockages.

Keep you gullies clear by;

  • Keeping on to of debris around your property – brush up any dirt and leaves and dispose of in your garden recycling, if these get into gullies they can cause your issues with blockages!
  • Watch what’s going down your sink – the only thing that should really be going into your sink waste pipes is dirty water. Oils, food, and anything else needs to be disposed of correctly! Did you know your local council will take your old cooking oil? Simply wait for it to cool and pour into a plastic bottle. Then, leave it out for collection with your bins! One of the worst food to let slip down you plughole is RICE! Rive expands and has a high starch level which will stick to the inside of your pipework and cause blockages and in most cases some bad smells!

Following our advice above will help you to keep your home or business free from those issues that Autumn and Winter will start to bring in the coming months!

And when you do need a reliable local drainage contractor to help with those issues, you know who to call!

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*Use of access equipment may be necessary dependant on height of building/guttering