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Repairing Leaking or Burst Pipes

Water leaking through ceilings? Unidentified pools of water where there shouldn’t be? This could a burst or leaky pipe! These are plumbing emergencies and require urgent attention.

If pipes are located within walls or ceilings and under floorboards, accessing them can be difficult but our engineers here at Metro Rod Cumbria will advise you on the best course of action to minimise disruption to your business and property.

Our engineers carry essential equipment and spare parts to allow them to complete emergency works quickly and efficiently and we aim to resolve problems on a first time fix basis. Wherever this is not possible due to special order parts being required, we will isolate the defective part and return the remainder of the system to normal operation while suitable spares are obtained.

How Do I Know If I Have A Cracked Pipe?

Often, you don’t realise you have a cracked pipe until it’s too late and you’ve had a huge water leak in your property (Don’t worry, we have a 24 hour call out service!)

Less Water Pressure – When you have a cracked pipe, this means water will escape through the cracks which will reduce the pressure. You may find that when you turn the tap on, the water runs slower than usual.

Damp – If you notice any bubbling, cracking or peeling of your walls, this may indicate that there’s a cracked pipe behind the wall which is leaking water.

Dripping Noises – If you can hear a dripping noise or if you notice any random puddles, chances are that there is a cracked pipe somewhere in your property. If you see any water in your house, call Metro Rod Cumbria 01228 648050 and we can sort this for you as a matter of urgency.

Increased Water Bills – If you have a cracked pipe, water will be escaping which could double the amount of water you’re using. Also, if you notice that your water meter is constantly running even when you’re not using it, this may also be due to a cracked pipe.

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