We are fully committed to servicing all customers in the current circumstances. Our engineers are working hard 24/7 to support all domestic and commercial customers.

Swindon drain care in freeze conditions

Unblocking drains, unblocking toilets and other drain care work in cold weather is not an issue for Metro Rod Swindon’s team of drainage engineers  and drain care and repair works continue wherever possible, whatever the weather. However there is no hiding the fact that freezing temperatures can worsen and expose problems in your drains meaning it’s important that Metro Rod are here to resolve any drainage issue in the Swindon area and, indeed, throughout the whole Thames Valley/M4 corridor from Swindon to Ascot via Marlborough, Newbury,Reading, Henley, Marlow, Maidenhead, Slough and all areas around and in-between.

Winter weather is very likely now and forecasts for the Thames Valley increasingly indicate an imminent  expectation of freezing temperatures and snow. It’s therefore a good time to ensure your drains are free of defects and clean out any accumulation of materials which could mean that freeze and thaw of water will be likely to cause you problems. Every single year Swindon and Thames Valley businesses and residents suffer disruption, cost and inconvenience when a blocked drain or blocked toilet occurs or when thaw from a freezing spell exposes problems with drains which are damaged or inadequately free-flowing.

Metro Rod Swindon’s team of trained and experienced drainage engineers are available 24/7/365 to deal with any such reactive emergencies and  we always aim to provide:

  • swift response…This will typically be within 4 hours and often be even more quickly when a drainage situation represents a critical emergency.
  • a first time fix wherever possible. Metro Rod Swindon typically achieves this in over 90% of cases where a blocked drain or blocked toilet is the reason for our call-out. Where an issue is found to  require drain repair then we will diagnose the problem and recommend an appropriate solution, using CCTV drain survey to inspect pipework which would otherwise remain “invisible” to you. We will then carry out the appropriate drain repair at a time convenient to you, wherever in the Swindon area, or Berkshire, you are. Indeed Metro Rod operate across the entire Thames Valley  from Ascot , Windsor and Slough in the East, through Maidenhead, Reading, Woodley, Marlow, Henley and Newbury and across to Marlborough and Swindon in the West. Metro Rod also has other depots covering the entire UK so you can be confident that Metro R0d can assist with any drain care and repair issue wherever in the country you are.
  • a technically expert job. All our fully trained and accredited drainage engineers are equipped with high pressure water jetting and electro-mechanical drain cleaning equipment to clear your blocked drain or blocked toilet quickly and effectively. Our CCTV drain survey equipment means we can quickly visually inspect your drains and identify the precise problem. Damage caused  by frozen water in drains is not always quite so obvious as the example shown in the photograph below so it’s typically important to inspect the inside of your underground pipes !   Where a drain repair is required we have the technical expertise to carry this out and will do so  using “no-dig” repair techniques whenever possible meaning the need for more costly excavation and replacement of your drain is avoided.

Slough frozen drain for Metro Rod drain repair

  • A SAFE and professional service. Metro Rod Slough’s numerous Health and Safety training qualifications and accreditations reflect the paramount importance we place on ensuring the safety of our engineers and customers at all times.

For commercial sites in Swindon and the Thames Valley, particularly:

  • Sites with regular, high volume, public usage of toilet and  drain facilities
  • Large office buildings with high numbers of  employees continually using the toilets and drains
  • Sites susceptible to a build up of materials which can block drains e.g. restaurant and hospitality businesses, construction sites

we would generally recommend a pre-planned maintenance programme to ensure any problems with site drains are prevented by ensuring that drains are regularly cleaned and inspected at an appropriate interval for the site. This type of “prevention is better than cure” proactivity will give your business the strongest possible protection against any potential problems caused by a “Big Freeze” this Winter.

Contact us today for a free site assessment for your commercial premises and ensure your drains are free flowing in 2019, whatever the weather brings:

You can also contact us by:

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