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Ely city centre is on a mission to become free of plastic bags and has joined the national Morsbags initiative and created “Ely Borrow Bags”. The idea behind this is to encourage local shops and businesses to offer customers strong reusable, original, recycled and washable bags lasting for years, reducing usage of plastic bags. The initiative is community-based and searches and invites volunteers to join in either to make or distribute the bags, supplying fabric and spreading the word.

Plastic shopping bags on land are one of the most common types of litter. Build ups of huge quantities of plastic bags are well known to block local drainage systems, especially in developing countries. For example, the floods in Bangladesh 20 years ago were partially attributed to blockages in drainage systems from plastic shopping bags. Plastic shopping bags also pose health risks to human populations over the years as they leach toxins into water supplies. It is estimated that over 1 million plastic bags are consumed per minute.

Plastic bags also are problematic to recycle.  Many plastic bags that are collected by recycling companies cannot really be recycled. Most of these bags actually end up in landfills and sit there for hundreds of years. The impact for wildlife is crippling. Both land and marine animals can ingest plastic bags, beaches are becoming littered with them creating huge environmental problems.  By using the “Ely Borrow Bag” scheme, Ely will be doing their bit to locally reduce the number of plastic bags used in the city centre shops.

Everyone is encouraged to make a Morsbag for themselves and Tourist Information Centre Visit Ely invites everyone to join in and make as many as possible so they can be distributed locally. A 500 target has been set by Christmas!

This fantastic scheme is co-ordinated by local independant sewing specialist Sew Much to Do which runs regular workshops to make “Sewical”. If you would like to get involved, please contact them for more details on [email protected]

You can make your own bag by using scraps of material such as old bedding or curtains. Collect your “Ely Borrow Bag” label and Morsbag tag from Ely Tourist Information Centre of Sew Much to Do and follow the instructions on the Morsbag Website How to Make a Morsbag. If you are an expert needleworker, you can use your own pattern and you could customise but to be part of the official Ely Morsbag, it must display the Ely Borrow Bag Label as well as the Morsbag tag.

Once the bag is made, you can donate it to any of the participating shops in Ely who will dispaly a sign.

Help spread the word and show your own bag us following Visit Ely Facebook Page and the Visit Ely Twitter Page using the #elyborrowbag. Log the number of bags you make on the Ely Pod of the Morsbags Website

The scheme has had a lot of media attention so far! The city has appeared on ITV New Anglia and has been featured by the BBC News!

Metro Rod Cambridge, local Drainage Experts assist the community with all manner of drain blockages, helping unblock the city. Plastic can be a big problem in the drainage systems causing blockages. Wipes being the biggest cause of blockages.

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